Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” Maternal inSTINKS

Has Adrienne gone past the point of no return in her efforts to protect Sonny? Join us for the explosion at 1 PM ET!

In case you didn’t see, The Gayoracleâ„¢ has revealed what’s in store for our boys in the coming months.

Sonny asks Adrienne “Mom, does she mean the person who gave the ops the video is you?” Will is aghast and asks “Do you have any idea what you’ve done to my mom’s case?” Adrienne tells them “I did what I had to do.” EJ growls … literally growls … “You Fooooool!”

Hey, Brent is on! Wasn’t expecting this. He comes to the pub and meets up with Chad with plans for the new coffee booze house. Chad says maybe they should wait for Sonny. But what could be taking him so long? Meanwhile, EJ is still having a Brit Fit at Adrienne, and everyone starts screaming at once. Justin tells Will and Sonny to leave, and he’ll come by and fill them in later.

Will and Sonny come into the pub, and Brent thinks he’s all Brent, telling Sonny he’s got the big plans done, and he needs to llok at them. Sonny tells him he can’t do this right now, and they’ll have to look at the plans another time. Brent thinks he’s all Brent, and says, “C’mon, just take a look. I promise you’ll like it.” Will (who’s been standing behind Sonny this whole time), shouts out “Look, did you listen to him? We’re not doing it right now!”

Adrienne and Justin have it out, with Adrienne believing that Justin knew about the video, and Justin accusing her of doing this because of her somewhat rational hatred of Sami.

Chad asks what the hell happened, and Will blurts out “My mom got arrested for murder, so you’ll excuse me if I don’t feel like looking at your innovative bar designs.” Meow! Brent tells Will how sorry he is for Sami, and he leaves the pub, all Brent like. Will apologizes to Sonny for being a jerk, but Sonny tells him they need to focus on what’s important right now. They tell Chad that the police have a copy of the video, and it came from Adrienne.

Adrienne shows Justin the immunity order for Sonny, which means he’ll be protected from testifying. She then realizes that Justin knew nothing about the video. Sonny didn’t tell him, and his clients didn’t tell him. Justin is not pleased.

Sonny gets a text from Justin for him and Will to meet him at their apartment. Will apologizes to Sonny again for his mild passive-aggressive sniping at Brent. Um, actually, that’s how Will usually is with Brent, so why apologize now?

Will and Sonny arrive home, where Sonny suddenly has a moment of realization. He tells Will that he accidentally sent the video to his mom, and in a scene that made me emit an audible “Awww”, TEARS START WELLING, and Sonny tells Will how sorry he is, and it’s all his fault. Will hugs him, and tells him it’s okay. Um, I’m just going to say it … Sonny needs to cry more. It’s so sweet.

And hot.

Justin comes in and wants to know EVERYTHING about the video. Will tells him that everthing is his fault, and everyone was just trying to protect him from going to prison. Whoa! Is he really going to spill the EJ beans?

Yes, Will does spill the beans about shooting EJ. He explains the whole story, and how Sami was just trying to get the evidence that Bernardi stole, and he tells Justin “Now mom is in jail, and basically everything that’s happened is my fault. So i’m begging you, can you please help me stop this?”

Adrienne returns home, fumbles with her keys, and drops them. As she’s picking them up, she turns around to see … EJ.

Whoa! I just noticed how … normal … Chad’s hair looks today. How bad was that bump on the head?

Justin agrees to help Will, and has him and Sonny give him a dollar to hire him. After he leaves, Sonny tells Will that since Adrienne sold everyone out for his immunity, they’ll go with that, and pin as much as they can on him. Will, of course, says no way, that this is all his fault, etc.

EJ tells a terrified Adrienne, “Do you feel safe?” and then walks away.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. Not sure when they guys will be back, but we’ll let you know!

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