Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” Mothers & Sons

Will and Sonny seek help from their moms. Can’t they just strip instead?

It’s been over a week since we saw the guys … high-fiving … each other, so hopefully we’re in store for some good drama today, as both Sonny and Will have “mom” scenes. Join us for the fun at 1 PM ET!

I’m going to try again with Livetweeting. I know it got mixed reviews last time, but after today’s liveblog, I’ll also put the tweets in text form in chronological order in the post, which will make it easier to follow if you’re reading after the liveblog.

Kate and Nick are talking shop. She tells him “I’m impressed with your work, But i cants stand the sight of your face.”

Sonny, Will (looking hot with his new short do) and Tad come into Common Grounds, talking about … paddling? WHAT THE HELL!

Oh, they’re talking about Kayaking.

Will gets a call from Sami, who tells him to get over to the mansion. Stefano is on his way home, and they have to put the plan in motion

Brady tries to console Ciara after her awesome freakout tantrum yesterday.

I haven’t seen backpack abuse like that since the infamous “Hello Kitty” blue light special at Walmart last Christmas

Sami goes over the plan with Will, who’s suddenly hesitant. “Well, I’m a .. I don’t know, Maybe, maybe not. I can’t decide” *sigh*

Kate threatens Nick “You serve at the pleasure of the queen. If you don’t follow my orders, you can get a job with the Vienna Boys choir”

Coincidentally, that the same thing she says to Rafe every night

I’m a bit taken aback by how hot Will is today. The hair, the stubble. the form-fitting clothes

He finally pulls himself together, and heads over to the mansion. meanwhile, Sami wants to talk to Sonny.

She wants to know exactly where GACK’s bedroom is in the mansion, and when they’re usually there. Sonny gets on it.

Will asks Sonny what his mom wanted, but Sonny won’t elaborate. Tad is curious what’s going on to make Will so uptight.

Nick tells Kate that Rafe was in the strip show. Kate had no idea. Consider yourself lucky, Kate. Because i’m still trying to get the image of octogenarian Caroline throwing moist dollar bills at his crotch.

Tad tells Sonny “I’ve known Will since we were kids. I know when something is up.” says the guy who freaked out when Will came out

Tad leaves, telling Sonny, “Next time we’re going to do three one man kayaks.” That’s the strangest euphemism i’ve ever heard, but okay.

Sonny calls Adrienne, who pretends to be mad for not coming over lately. She tells him that everyone is out of the mansion, and he heads off

Will arrives at the mansion, bringing Johnny’s soccer ball as subterfuge. That Will … always thinking.

He says hi to Stefano, and is THIS CLOSE to breaking out into hysterical nervous giggles.

Adrienne continues to throw shade at Will for giving up custody, and mentions that GACK haven’t said anything about it. Sonny is intrigued.

Hope mentions to GACK that if they ever need a break, it’s good they’ll have WilSon to help them out.

Nick says, “Are you sure that’s the best way to raise a child?” Both Gabi and Hope are aghast.

Sonny and Stefano are playing Chess, and Stefano finally brings up the subject of Will’s Daughter. That opens the door …

They explain to Stefano what Nick has done, and about the blackmail. And all the evidence about the shooting is still in the PD.

Stefano leans back and says “You’re move, William.” Sadly, Will stands up and shouts “YAHTZEE!”

Adrienne tells Sonny that everything is fine with GACK, and why is he asking so many questions about them?

Sonny figures out that GACK are staying in the same room he did, with the skylight, and his old copies of INCHES under the mattress.

Sami and Ejami talk loudly about the evidence and how they need to get it, of course in earshot of Stefano.

Suddenly, Stefano shouts out “I’ve got it” and then says “checkmate.” Sadly, Will thought they were playing Hungry Hungry Hippos

Sonny is offended that Adrienne thinks he’s pumping her for information.

And then Sonny admits he’s pumping her for information.. Adrienne hugs him “What else do you need to know”?” Take a lesson, Sami

Stefano is about to leave, but asks Sami if there’s a favor she wanted to ask. Meanwhile, Will is heartbroken he can’t buy Reading Railroad

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back Monday!

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