Liveblogging “Days of Our Lives” Mourning Becomes Electra-Woman

Can Marlena keep Samizilla in check?

From the spoilers I read, Sonny will arrive on Thursday, but don’t worry, Samizilla is here! Can Marlena keep her from destroying the town looking for answers?

Abby asks if Ari has been crying, and Gabi says, “No, but she can sense something is wrong.” Why, because you’re a basket case? Trust me, that’s the one thing about you that Ari remembers well.

Hope sits Sami down, and Sami … contains herself. But it’s only the first minute. She says “I don’t understand. I can’t even … I don’t understand why, and I need you to explain, why Chad killed my son.”

Chad starts screaming at Ben, telling him basically “Okay, Serena and Paige were Flotsam and Jetsam, but Will was my friend, and he was your friend!”

Sami learns about Chad attacking Marlena, and that there’s evidence linking Chad to all the murders. Sami can’t believe that Chad would do this. it’s not the Chad she remembers. “It doesn’t make sense.”

Ben taunts Chad, telling him he has nothing on him. He starts to call the police, and Chad attacks. Luckily, Will’s Death Refrigerator is on the other side of the room.

Sami tells Rafe that she left the kids in California because she didn’t want to interrupt their routine. Um, isn’t attending a family funeral part of their routine?

Sami wants to see the body, and Lucas wants to go with her.

So Ben and Chad have a rough testosterone-laden brawl, throwing punches and both taking bloody hits. Really? Meanwhile, Will was meekly snuffed out with Ben barely breaking a sweat. Screw you, show.


Marlena reminds John that it was exactly one year ago today that Sami was in the morgue with EJ. Damn, where’s Kristin and her magical syringe when you need her.

Lucas and Sami see Will in the morgue, and talk about all the happy times they all shared. Sami says ’I wish we had done better by him.” Lucas tells her that things got better, and he found love despite the both of them. Sami says “He deserved more. More time with his daughter. More life.”

Sami kisses him on the forehead and says “Good night, Sweetie. You sleep well. Your daddy and I are here, and we’re going to keep the tigers away.” Too bad you couldn’t keep the bad writing and homophobic producers away.

Sami tells Lucas about the plan that Will had to fly to Paris and win Sonny back. Lucas wonders why she isn’t being all Samizilla. Sami says she doesn’t know, but now is not the time. That’s okay, we can wait. But it better be good.

Abby comes in, and Ben makes it look like he’s unconscious on the floor. He wakes up, and tells her that Chad attacked him, and calls the police.

Sami is composed. Too composed. When Mt. Sami erupts, it should big. She tells Marlena and John maybe it’s better she stay at the pub to be alone. Marlena pleads with her to stay, and they’ll take care of her.


Sami decides to go to bed early, and Marlena and John agree that once it sinks in, it’ll be worse than they imagine.

We see Sami alone in the dark. She has that look in her eye. THAT SAMI LOOK.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. I hope Sonny has someone to talk to on the long plane ride back.

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