Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” Naughty or Nice

Does Santa know the big secret? If he does, will we get another Jolly Old Dead Nick in the river?

This says it all, doesn’t it. Kate and Gabi are petrified, Sonny is resigned, and Will is … Will.

Lucas takes a pic of Kate, Gabi, Will, Sonny, and Ari with the Twinkwatching Santa. As he clicks, Santa gives the same “Greetings” the night as the he stumbled upon the scene of Nick’s supposed offing. kat and Gabi look stunned, and Sonny looks confused. He walks over to them and whispers “Is that him? Gabi says yes.

Twinkwatching Santa says “small world,” and Kate, Gabi, and Sonny start scrambling to figure out what to do. Sonny wants everyone to be in the pic, so Will walks walks over to a random stranger to ask if he can take their picture. He turns around, and Gabi sees that it’s … Bloody Nick … Yet Again! I can’t help but notice that Bloody Nick has gotten a lot more air time than Un Bloody Nick had in months.

Hot Random Stranger takes the pic, and tells everyone to smile. Twinkwatching Santa pipes up “Right. Just as you were smiling that night down by the river.” Okay, now he’s just f*cking with them.

I recognize Hot Random Stranger, but I’m not sure from where. He takes one more pic, and while it isn’t visions of sugarplums, it’s the best they’re going to get. Will is curious though. What did Santa mean by “That night down by the river.” Everyone tries to change the subject, and Kate waves her finger in Santa’s face, and asks him to keep that night a secret. Santa agrees, but wants to know where that blonde woman is.

She’s about to spill the beans to EJ. I am SO disappointed that EJ didn’t know who Nathan Fillion is.

Sonny tells Gabi and Kate “I’ve got these pictures with the Hot Twink Elf.” If a candy cane is involved, I demand to see them.

Kat and Gabi tell Sonny everything is smoothed over, but they’re sure Santa knows something.

Sami tells everything! Oh wait, she makes up a story about how she tussled with Nick on the riverbank, and that’s how she lost the earring. EJ takes this account into consideration, realizes its Sami who’s involved, and comes up with the only logical conclusion “Don’t tell me you killed Nick Fallon!”

While Lucas holds Ari and Will is still oblivious, Kate, Sonny, and Gabi collect empty coffee cups from around Town Square. Meanwhile, Santa keeps waving at them.

EJ is getting closer to the truth. He pegs Sami’s deception, and she finally admits that Gabi was involved. Will she keep going with the truth?

Will says “You know, I’ve been thinking,” and Sonny quips “I thought I smelled something burning.” Ha! it’s funny because it’s true.

Will tells Gabi and Sonny he’s so happy that Nick is permanently out of the picture and hopefully he’ll never be dredged up again. Okay, he doesn’t say that, but it would have been awesome.

Wow, Sami really did just tell EJ everything, and about how it was her, Gabi, and Kate. He says “Was anyone else there, your grandmother? Ciara?” Well, I wouldn’t put it past her. Just give her a few years, and she’ll be dumping Theo’s lifeless body somewhere.

Sami also tells him that Sonny was in the closet. The look on EJ’s face is priceless. She says “Not that closet. He was in there listening when he though we were planning a party for Will.”

Rafe has a flashback to something that happened ten minutes ago

Ciara is entranced with the gingerbread house. Don’t worry, someday you’ll have you very own, and will be able to lure unsuspecting lost children inside.

Back at the apartment, Gabi hugs Sonny and thanks him for keeping the secret, and after she leaves, Will and Sonny have a sweet moment together.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. I don’t know what the rest of the week holds. I know we’ll definitely be back on Friday, but i’m not sure about tomorrow – Thursday. We’ll let you know.

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