Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” Nightmare On Crack Street

Is Sonny going to spill the big secret to Will? Probably not.


Coke Whore Brady comes to, and hears a knock at the door. It’s the terrifying Ghost of Christmas Past, shrieking like a banshee. Oh wait, it’s just Jennifer.

Abigail tells JJ that she saw him in town square with Rory and Not Theresa, and wants to know what he was doing with those druggies, and why did Rory keep asking him about “getting naked?”

Sonny tells Will he has something important to tell him, but Adrienne interrupts, and wants him to dish on what Sami, Kate, and Gabi were talking about. FLASHBACK!

Brady tells Jennifer that he “jogging in the park” and saw JJ skulking around. And that part of the park is “shady.” Jennifer says, “It’s winter, so I don’t think you’re talking about the trees.” Ugh. That was terrible.

Sonny wants to know what Adrienne is doing there, and Will tells him he told her about the Covert Closet Operation. They both want to know what happened. Tell us! FLASHBACK!

Eric is completely covered up for Pa Walton. What about the rest of us, Eric?

Sonny starts sweating profusely, and asks Will for a glass of water. Adrienne is concerned, as she can see Sonny’s heart beating? and the flop sweat starts. She wants to know what happened in that apartment that caused this.


Will tells Sonny “I think I know what happened. You were shut up in that little space with no ventilation. You had claustrophobia.” Sonny responds, “That’s right. My famous claustrophobia that has never been mentioned until now!”

Adrienne blames herself for Sonny inheriting her claustrophobia, and says it must have been terrible for him inside there. He must have wanted to scream. Sonny says “Yeah, there were a few times when I wanted to scream.” I Love Shaken But Still Snarky Sonny!

Adrienne then goes on to tell Sonny how she apologized to Sami for ever doubting the love between WilSon, and never again will she complain that Sami is always dragging Sonny into terrible messes.

Sonny tells Adrienne that he wants to tell Will about what happened privately. She understands but hopes someday she can have the same relationship with Will that Sonny has with Sami. No, Adrienne, you don’t. After she leaves, Will guesses that Adrienne was not invited to the big party, and that’s why Sony didn’t want to talk in front of her. Oh, and Will starts tugging at his own ears (I guess Freddie had finally said enough is enough).

I want to eat cookies with Michael Buble.

Sonny starts fiddling with receipts (how many decades do you think it will take for this club to break even?), but Will knows he’s hiding something about what happened at the apartment. Well, if Sonny won’t tell him, he’ll ask … Sami.

Eric wants to know if if he still makes Nicole’s pleather hot.

OH SONNY. He needs to stop Will from going to Sami, so he tells him that … they are planning a surprise party for him. OH SONNY. Will is exasperated at the thought, but leaves to go to the library, but not before giving me tomorrow’s Liveblog header picture. You know what i’m talking about.

Snork! JJ is talking to Theresa, who hangs up on him. He shouts into the phone “Hello? … Skank?” I love that kid.

Uh-OH, Sonny leaves a message for Justin to meet with him immediately. And Will does the same thing with Sami.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back tomorrow. Oh, and I’ll have another post tomorrow that might be of interest to DOOL fans.

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