Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” One Gay At A Time

NBC premieres their hot new sitcom. It’s one Ho, and two Mo’s. Can they work together and become a family? They’ll have to take it One Gay At A Time. Cue the laugh track and wacky hijinks! Join us for the debut at 1 PM ET!


Eric is till writhing on the bed and speaking in tongues. Oh wait, Kristen left, so now he’s just writhing on the bed.

One Gay At A Time – Scene 1 – The baby is crying, and needs her lucky blankey. A flustered Will comes out of the bedroom and starts tearing the place apart looking for it. There’s a knock on the door. He opens it to reveal … Nick! (cue ooh’s and booh’s from audience).

Nick asks “Is everything okay?” Will says yeah, they think they lost Arianna’s blanket in the move. Nick has a gift. It’s a garish mobile that Sonny immediately swipes, desperate to try anything. He says, “Great, I can throw this at the prop guy who has his finger on that damn Crying Baby Tape.” Will tells Nick, “you probably want to talk to Gabi? Nick says “No, I want to talk to you.” (oooh’s)

Nick tells Will “I’m here because I still owe you an apology.” Will smiles and says, “You brought me my baby girl. You put her in my arms for the first time, and that is something I will never forget.” Will tells Nick how sorry he is for what Jenses did to him in prison. Nick tells him, “If I was half a good a person as you are, none of this would have happened, no matter what I went through in prison. Arianna is going to to have one hell of a father.” (Awww’s)

Uh-oh … now we know why Arianna was crying. Father Hottie has her lucky blankey in a death grip. Considering it’s now covered in ball sweat, he should probably keep it.

Nick says he should get going, and Sonny thanks him for the mobile. It’s obvious Nick and Gabi need to talk, so Sonny tells her to take a walk with him, and he and Will can look after the baby. Gabi leaves, and Will tells Sonny what a nice thing that was to do, and the two kiss. (hoots and whistles)

Chad comes over to see Will, but he really wants to talk about Abigail. Meanwhile, Gabi and Nick make small talk, but Nick says, “Listen to us. We’re married, but we’re acting like strangers.” Gabi tells him “Maybe that’s because … we are.” That was a terrible line reading, BTW.

Chad tells the guys that he wants just one more chance with Abigail. A-ha! Chad is the “hot single friend” who regularly comes to seek relationship advice. But he’s got to have a catchphrase or some quirk to make him stand out. Something other than his hair …

Oh, and stay tuned for the debut of recurring character Brady, who is the apartment complex handyman. He’ll fix your plumbing, and tile your grout, all while providing clever one-liners and asides. And here’s his quirk – he’s always shirtless!

Will tells Chad that if he hadn’t meddled in the wedding, Will wouldn’t be a father to his little girl, so in a convoluted away, Chad did him a favor. Will is being … especially … forgiving today. Chad leaves, and Will and Sonny start snogging on the couch.

They’re interrupted by Gabi, who’s upset that Ari is still napping. Will tugs on Sonny’s ear and the boys make lovey faces at each other as Gabi continues to squawk. She heads off to her bedroom as Sonny cradles Will’s head in his chest and they talk about how great they have it. Will gets up to go check on Ari as Sonny looks on, smiling … for now.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me! Tomorrow, Sonny confronts his mother!

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