Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” Personal Footstool

Rafe talks to Will about Nick, and Sami starts to suspect Stefano of double-crossing her and Will. Who would have thunk it? join us for the fun at 1 PM ET

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Oh, and I titled today’s liveblog “personal footstool” because this was such a natural, loving moment between the guys.

Sami follows Officer Squarejaw to Salem’s Central Eavesdropping Hub, and overhears Stefano telling him that there is certain evidence at the PD that he needs removed. Sami does a self-high five … but is to soon?

Sonny and Will are at Common Grounds talking about the fan-f*cking-tastic sex they’re going to have off camera, and helpfully getting us all up to speed on what’s gone down so far vis-a-vis stealing stuff from Nick. They say “Tomorrow’s going to be a great day!” in time for Adrienne to walk up and hear. She wants to know why tomorrow is going to be so great. Um, Duh! fan-f*cking-tastic sex!

Gabi is about to take her all of her candy inspired clothes and high tail it out of there unless Nick tells her everything right now!

EJ tells Justin “over the next few months I intent to bring about the total destruction of Stefano,” which prompts Justin to laugh in his face, heartily.

Stefano tell Squarejaw he wants him to find all of the evidence … but not destroy it. And here we go.

The guys tells Adrienne that tomorrow is just another day, and don’t worry about it, and hey, Will has a call and slinks out. Adrienne is upset that Sonny won’t talk to her about the obviously shady stuff going on, and I don’t blame her. There is absolutely no reason why Sonny can’t tell Adrienne about the blackmail. It would alleviate her worry, and help her understand why Will gave up custody. But of course … Sonny shrugs her off.

Will and Sonny are back in the booth listening to Adrienne talk about baby clothes .. when Sami comes in. In a hilarious moment, bothe of them acknowledge the other through tightly clenched teeth. Sami thanks her again for helping out, and Adrienne suggests that for the sake of their boys, they finally bury the hatchet. Sami agrees, and they shake hands … and Adrienne notices the rock on Sami’s hand, and tells her in disgust, “So it’s tru. You’re crawling back into EJ’s bed.”

I think we’re starting to see EJ’s ulterior motive. He wants to take EJ down, and hopes that Will/Sami will provide the necessary distraction.

Adrienne apologizes and says “Maybe this time will be the charm. It’s three, right?” Ha! Will pulls Sami aside, and Sonny tells Adrienne, “Can’t you at least try to be nice to her? She’s not marrying Jack The Ripper.” Adrienne says, ’Well, she kinda is, or at least Lord Voldemort.” I Love Snarky Mother Of Sonny!

Will is in town square, doodling “Will Horton-Kiriakis” and “Will Kiriakis-Horton” over and over in his notebook. Rafe walks up, and asks him yet again what happened between him and Nick.

Okay, I really need this day to end, because I am sick of that awful shirt Will is wearing. Only old guys in the park playing chess should be wearing it.

Nick tells Gabi, “I just want you to know that whatever happens, I’ve cherished this time with you.” Gabi is suspicious.

Nick tries to brush it off, and when all else fails, rubs Gabi’s belly (which they use for pickup basketball games between tapings.)

Will won’t tell Rafe anything, and Rafe gets frustrated and starts to leave, but comes back and asks, “Signing your rights away. Did it have anything to do with the stuff Sami was doing, or something else?” Will whispers “something else,” and Rafe says, “I have my answer.”

Will and Sonny talk about the new day they’re about to experience, and that Will finally has his feet back on the ground. So why does he have a parachute strapped to his back?

That’s it! Thank for joining me. We’ll be back next week.

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