Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” Rave Review

Lucas learns that Sonny was out all night partying with Brent. Do you think he’ll overreact? Join us for the fun at 1 PM ET!

This is one of my new favorite pics of Wilson. Sonny’s glistening torso, and Will’s badunkadunk.

Rafe is drifting in and out of consciousness … so he’s back to normal! Actually, he’s unconscious again, and Kate has a flashback to five minutes ago, when he woke up and asked “Why did Sami try to kill me?” But then half the people in Salem have said the same thing at one point.

Sonny is at the coffeehouse, where Adrienne is fluttering behind him, warning him that Stefano is probably planning some hideous revenge. She looks around nervously … because he could … be there in disguise? Hey, that blond girl looks suspicious! She makes Sonny promise to be careful, and then remarks how tired he looks. He tells her that he was out late, while Will stayed home with the baby. Adrienne starts beaming and asks, “You went out alone?”

Will (looking hot in a tight green shirt) is putting Ari down for a nap when there’s a knock at the door. He whispers “Come in Dad” in a very adorable way, and is shocked when it’s not Lucas who enters, but Brent, who’s quickly morphing into Nordic Brian. Brent asks if Sonny is there, and Will says no, and asks what he wants, Brent holds up a watch and says “He left this in my car.” I love this guy.

Brent says, “It must have slipped off his wrist in my back seat,” which may be the filthiest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Oh, unless he actually meant … his backseat, in which case, I’m a total perv for thinking what i thought.

Will shrugs it off, saying it happens all the time … when Lucas comes in and interrupts, and wants to see the baby. Will tells Brent he’ll give the watch to Sonny when he gets home, and then asks him if the two of them had fun. Brent says he probably hasn’t had that goof a time since … the last tiem he went out with Sonny. Lucas overhears … and when Brent leaves, he asks Will (I’m paraphrasing), “Let me get this straight. You let Sonny go out with that hot piece of ass last night while you stayed home and took a nap with the baby?”

Adrienne snaps that umbilical cord back into place and is tickled pink that Sonny finally has a social life again (i.e. going out with a hot piece of ass), but Sonny is livid, saying he’s very happy the way things are, and he knows that when she says she’s glad he has a social life, it’s just code for “I want you to break up with Will.”

They sit down to talk, when Brent comes in, and Adrienne does backflips, cooing and laughing, and does everything but give them a Trojan and Lube gift basket.

Will insists that everything is going great with him and Sonny, and Lucas asks “Then why is he going out with another guy?” Will tries to explain that he asked Sonny to, but it’s obvious that Insecure Will is getting ready to poke his little blond head up.

Lucas is dumbfounded that Will asked Sonny to go out without him, but Will is sure he did the right thing. He knows he has to allow Sonny to have his space, and not smother him with parenting. Will and Lucas have a very sweet scene where Lucas realizes that Will is maturing.

Sonny and Adrienne continue to bicker, and Sonny brings up the name “Brian,” which I was hoping for, and he also delivers my favorite line of the day with, “What kind of insane non-sequitur is that?”

Ciara brings in her little friend Jamey to meet father Eric. He’s oh so happy to be going to this new school. His mother thinks it will be a new beginning, and they won’t have to live around … barbed wire anymore? Well, they should have gone all out and given Jamey tattered clothes and a hacking cough.

Sonny is at home guiltily staring at the watch, when Will comes in, and the two talk about the rave, and how Will is glad that Sonny went out and had some fun. But maybe they should have the watch fixed so Sonny doesn’t keep losing it? Sonny says it’s not necessary, and he kisses Will and then walks away. Will looks at the watch and then pushes it away. Okay, whet the hell is with the watch? Is it going to play some kind of role in the future. is it a metaphor?

Adrienne catches up with Lucas in the park and wants to show him the cutest video. Okay, how long are they going to string this along? She needs to watch the videos for more than ten seconds.

Sonny and Will vow to have a hot date together one of these nights. Sonny goes to take a shower, and Will stares at the watch again. A-Ha! The watch is … poisoned?

Kristen is having a hot mad scene with a portrait of Jesus.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back next week.

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