Liveblogging “Days of Our Lives” Rock And A Hard Place

Sonny and Nick both find themselves in unenviable positions. But which one has it worse?

It’s a Dannifer Day ….. FFFFF****CCCKKKK!

Will says again “Don’t make me choose between my daughter and you.” It’s a different take from the one on Friday, though. They must have known it was going to be a Friday take, because that one was urgent and all cliffhangery. Chandler’s line reading today was more “Don’t make me choose between … this bran muffin and poppyseed bagel.”

Sonny gets all worked up, telling Will how could he talk to him like that, and he was the one who got this apartment and he loves Ari like she was his own.

Kate and Sami discuss the Gackari situation. They need to put their heads together about this. Won’t their snakes get entangled?

They deci8de to split up and take on Gabi and Nick individually. If you had to choose to go up against Kate or Sami, which one would it be?

Gabi tells Nick she’s turning down the NY offer, and taking the one Samo offered. Nick plays out the perfect “Fallacy of The Talking Killer” trope, and blurts out “You have to take the NY job, I’ve worked too hard to make this happen.”

Kids are dressed as Pilgrims. I’m in hell. Thankfully, so is JJ, who’s babysitting. Maybe JJ will help me out. I need some stuffing.

Will tells Sonny he’s well aware of all the sacrifices he’s made. Sonny isn’t sure. He reels off all of the things he’s done (this could take a while). Will says he knows, but if Sonny isn’t willing to go to NY with him, he has no other choice.

Nick reveals all of his machinations, and Gabi finally sees him for the psycho that he is.

OH DEAR GOD. JJ is in a pilgrim costume. I have a feeling you may see that picture in a future liveblog.

Sonny reminds Will of all the things he experienced with Ari. He was there when she was born, and when she rolled over, and cut a tooth, and he was the first person she spit up on. “I feel like i’m her dad, too.” Will tells him “You are,” but neither will be able to be a dad to her if Gabi tales Ari to NY. He tells him that he can succeed no matter where he goes, especially in NY, and that “maybe there’s a way we can still make this work.” Sonny responds “maybe?” TEARS START WELLING. Ari, of course, has to be the center of attention and starts wailing. Will goes in to see her, and Sonny stands up … and leaves.

JJ is … now wearing … a pilgrim costume … with a feather boa. Meanwhile, Daniel comes in with Parker, who’s dressed like a CHICK-FIL-A sandwich. Jennifer is NOT AMUSED.

Gabi is walking through the dark park at night. She tries to call the modeling agency, but can’t get through. Hey, maybe Nick can help, since … HE FOLLOWED HER TO THE PARK.

Will comes out with Ari, and calls out to Sonny. When he doesn’t answer, he says to Ari,
“What do we do now?” Well, one of you needs a nap. Meanwhile, Sonny runs into Sami, and he tells her that he and Will had a fight, and Sami says “don’t worry,” and that she’s sure all this will be settled.

Nick has gone from zero to 100 on the psycho meter in record time. He tells Gabi she has two choices: Either move to NY with him and Ari, or go to prison for what she did to Melanie.

Nick gets down on his knees and begs Gabi to go with him. Doesn’t she remember when they made love just a few weeks ago? Gabi, who obviously has no idea how to speak with someone who’s in the middle of a cuckoo breakdown, says exactly the wrong thing “That wasn’t love, it was sex.” Nick completely unravels. He drops the cell phone, and when Gabi rushes to pick it up, she falls. Nick reaches down to help her up, then decides a better option is … rape? He holds her down and starts reminiscing about all the good times they had together.

Will is holding Ari when Sonny silently opens the door (because it’s the only way to overhear a private conversation), and Will tells her “I’ll do anything to keep from losing you.” Sonny closes the door, and Will asks where he went. Sonny apologizes, and tells him he’s just frustrated. Will apologizes, too, and Sonny tells him “If the choice has to be made. you have to make that choice.” Sonny tells him “I think we can make this work, together. Together.” Sonny kisses Ari, and then he and Will kiss.

Meanwhile, Nick won’t get off Gabi, and she takes a rock and BOOM! Instant Strawberry Toaster Strudel.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. I don’t think the guys are on tomorrow, but they may be on Wednesday. And DOOL is preempted Thurs and Fri

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