Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” Room Raiders

Sonny plays snoop, and will Stefano agree to help Will? Join us for the fun at 1 PM ET.!

The Livetweeting didn’t really work out, so we’re going back to regular liveblogging. The only catch is the cache. It takes about 10-15 minutes for new edits to appear, so there will be a delay in seeing new LB entries. But the comments are updated instantly, so feel free to comment on the action as usual!

Oh … and I’m just going to say it … HUBBA HUBBA.

We start where we left off, with Stefano asking Sami if she was asking for a favor. Sami is all “Favor? Illegal favor? An Illegal favor would be illegal to ask for. But since you brought it up …”

Gabi is wearing a horrendous top that looks like Candy Corn. It goes well with Nick, who is his usual Nut Cluster.

Lucas meets Sonny at the coffeehouse, and thanks him for helping Will out. He thinks Will is at the mansion right now talking to Stefano, and if it doesn’t work, he doesn’t know what the hell they’re going to do. Meanwhile, Will stumbles his way through the explanation about Nick’s blackmail. Stefano says, ’So if the evidence disappears from the evidence room …” Sami interrupts and tells him that this was her idea, and Stefano asks, ’So if I were to do this favor, the person who would owe me would be … you?

Poor Ciara. Little does she know that in about five years, she’ll be marrying Johnny.

Sonny gets of the phone with Adrienne and tells Lucas that it’s a no go for right now. Maggie, Nick, and Gabi are all at the mansion. And bedspsrings are creaking from one room … and it ain’t GACK’s.

Stefano tells Sami that the only thing she’ll owe him is gratitude. Of course he’ll help out Will, but he walks up to Will, puts his hand on his shoulder and says, ’But there is one thing you must do for me.” Okay, so now we’re shipping .. “WillFano?”

In a nice moment, Sonny tells Lucas that his mom know she’ll do anything for Will, and Lucas says, ’I think we all know that now.” Lucas tells him that it took him a while to come around, but “I never wanted my son to be alone. I wanted someone to love him. And that person happens to be you, so I’m cool with that.”

Stefano tells Will that he wants him to … work on his chess game. He leaves, and EJ, Sami, and Will all gasp, with Will saying, ’I can’t believe he’s going to do it.” That’s step one, now they have to work on getting the recording back.

They know that Nick is out of the house, so Will calls Gabi and lures her out of the mansion with the promise of pickles, ice cream, and anything she wants at BIG TOP MATERNITY.

Sami enters the mansion, and immediately throws both Allie and Lucas under the bus to get Maggie out of there.

Will meets Gabi at the pub and blathers on for five minutes about the fact that … Gabi is having a baby. I see blathering ninnyness runs in the family.

Sami comes up with a lie about Allie wanting to see the garden because of a school project, and when Maggie takes Allie out to see it, we get the line of the day. Lucas tells Sami “I’m glad one of us stayed awake in biology class,” and Sami responds, ’If I stayed awake in biology class, we wouldn’t have Will”

When Maggie, Allie, and Lucas head outside, Sami sneaks upstairs, but Sonny comes in just as she’s heading up the steps. She tells him she doesn’t want him involved, but he says, “I know the layout. Unless you want to look in all 17 rooms yourself?” Sami sees his point, and they both rush upstairs together. Now see, THIS is what we need more of. The guys taking an ACTIVE role in their own storylines. MORE PLEASE!

In a hilarious scene, Nancy Drew and REALLY Nancy Drew ransack GACK’s room looking for the evidence. They find it on his laptop and delete, and then set about looking for other places he may have hidden it.

Uh-Oh. As Sami and Sonny continue their snooping, they Nick outside the door, announcing that he’s coming in. Because doesn’t everyone announce it when they’re about to enter their own bedrooms?

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back tomorrow.

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