Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” Sacrificial Lamb

The spoilers for today include “EJ and Sami rush to stop Will from sacrificing himself.” Now I’m picturing Will naked on top of a volcano. Join us for the fun at 1 PM ET.

Unconscious towel-clad Eric! And Kristen, who is rocking her “Samantha’s Evil Lookalike Cousin Serena on Bewitched” wig, is about to pull off part one of her “Payback Is Also A Bitch , Marlena” plan.

Sami is out on bail, and there’s good news! For every tenth time you make bail, you get the next one free. So Sami is all set for next time!

EJ calls Sonny, and tells him he knows the Sami vid, and under no circumstances is he to tell ANYONE about it, especially not Justin. Sonny says “Sorry, I can’t promise that.”

JJ has been busted in Cameron’s office by Daniel. They get up in each others’ faces and Daniel discovers the prescription pad JJ is holding. They get even closer and I expect that at any minute Daniel will have no choice but to say “Cough, please.”

EJ is pissed that Sonny isn’t following his orders. Sonny tells him there’s no way he can keep this from Will. EJ says “Just wait until Sami is cleared, then you can tell anything you want.” Sonny reminds EJ that keeping secrets doesn’t turn very well in this family. Sonny tells him “You can handle it however you want, and so will I.” I Love Finger Snapping In EJ’s Face Sonny!

Maxine tells Will “There are all kinds of ways to make a family. I think Arianna is going to have a good one.” She takes Arianna to go see Gabi, while Sonny comes into Will’s room. Will can tell immediately that something is wrong.

HA! EJ tells Sami about the video, and Sonny saw it. He doesn’t think Sonny will tell Justin, but he thinks he will tell Will. Samn is livid, and says “Oh no he won’t! If I have to glue that kid’s mouth shut, he is not going to tell Will!” SAMIZILLA is on the warpath!

Sonny insists that nothing is wrong, but Will doesn’t buy it. Sonny brought some clothes, and asks Will if he needs help getting dressed. Will says, ’You’re better at getting me undressed.” Sonny says, “All in good time,” and they have a sweet kiss.

Sonny helps Will button his shirt, and Will tells him that what they’re about to do is a really big deal, and he’ll understand if he doesn’t want to go through with it. Sonny reassured him, just as Samizilla bursts down the door and interrupts.

Father Hottie wakes up, and my god, is that man gorgeous. Kristen has injected him with some kind of … Horny Amnesia??? drug, and pulls him into a kiss, which he doesn’t refuse.

EJ comes into Will’s room as Sami blathers and babbles, and he asks Sonny if he can speak to him alone. Sonny says NO! and sits on Will’s bed, and says “Either you can tell Will, or I’m going to.” HA! Sami knows she’s screwed.

EJ explains that Chad accidentally shared a video of Sami with Sonny and Abigail. Will smiles and wants to know what the video is, and EJ tells him that it was Sami and Bernardi having a tussle in town square. Sonny tells him it was May 7th, and Will put his thinking cap on and puts two and two together, and realizes that bernardi is the guy who stole the evidence from the police station. and now Sami has killed him. he goes ballistic, and says “So it”s my fault?” Sami tries to calm him down, but Will says, ’I can’t take this anymore!”

Will has had it up to here. If he had just told the truth all along, none of this would have happened. Maxine comes in and tells Will that he can’t leave yet because Abe wants to talk to him and Sonny. Sonny tells Sami that he’s done lying, and he’s going to tell Abe anything he wants to know. Sami explodes and dies.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back Monday!

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