Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” Seeds of Doubt

Will Brent Buttinski drive a wedge between Will and Sonny? Join us for more of the Interloper at 1 PM ET!

I think they missed a golden opportunity by not naming Brent … Brant.

Brent asks Sonny if this is really how he pictured himself, to be tied down to this kind of life, instead of tied down the fun way. Sonny says “Are you kidding me, not in a million years!” He’s smiling when he says it, and unfortunately, Will is listening at the door, and can’t see the light in Sonny’s eyes when he says it.

Brent says “I knew it. That’s why I came prepared.” Brent reaches into his pocket and pulls out …WHOA! Oh wait, it’s a couple of tickets to the July 4th Rave. Who knew Salem had their own version of the White Party? Brent says “remember the Memorial day rave? You let me plant my flag in …” Just then a phone goes off outside the door, and Will takes off. Sonny gets up to see who’s there. but Will is long gone. He comes back in and tells Brent there’s no way he can go this year. There’s no place he’d rather be than right here. I Love Priorities Right Sonny!

Will runs into Justin outside the coffee house and Justin tells him that he looks like he hasn’t gotten much sleep, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. Meanwhile, BOOOOO! Brent tells Sonny, “Were you just singing to that kid?” Excuse me, why they didn’t show that? This is the second time they’ve made reference to Sonny’s bad lullabies, but we have yet to witness it. Buttinski harps again on how Sonny is missing out, but Sonny says ’Sure, I miss some of it, but When Ari falls asleep on my chest, I forget about all the puke and loaded diapers.” Besides, he’s in love with Will, so he’s willing to put up with it.

Sonny tells Brent to have fun at the Rave, and when he gets ready to leave, they run into Justin. Sonny says, “Dad, you remember Brent?” Hmm … I wonder how close Sonny and Brent actually were?

Sonny thanks Justin for representing Sami, and then asks him to stick around because Will wants to thank him, too. Justin tells him that he already ran into Will … at the coffeehouse. Sonny is confused, since the coffeehouse is on the other end of town from where Will said he was going. The other end of town? You mean 20 yards?

Oh jeez … Will is reverting back to Sad Will again. i swear to god, if TEARS START WELLING. He sits down with his sad take-out, then gets up and runs into Sami and EJ. She thanks him for getting Justin to represent him, but Will tells her it was all Sonny. She says great, and then invites herself and EJ over to the apartment to thank Sonny herself.

Sonny gets a call from Brent and tells Justin “This guy won’t take no for an answer.” Justin says, “What was the question?” Good one. He tells Justin that Brent is out for adventure, and thinks Sonny is wasting his life. Justin tells him the biggest adventure is … blah blah … baby.

Yay, it’s Rory and that tag along girl. J.J. tells them that his mother is gone, and he wants to have fun.

Sami and EJ arrive at the apartment, and there’s lots of talk about Ari puking on people. it’s not as exciting as it sounds. Sonny asks Will what took so long, and he says he had some errands to run. Sonny tells him he made a playlist for Ari, and it doesn’t look like she’s a fan of Aerosmith (but she loves Pussy Riot). Sonny doesn’t mention that his old pal dropped by.

Sami thanks Sonny for not telling his dad about the video, and he says don’t mention it, and then takes Ari for a diaper change and to put her to bed. When he leaves, Will asks his mom if he’s asking Sonny to do too much. Sami says, ’You didn’t ask, he offered. He wants to be here … right?” Will smiles and nods.

We end with father Hottie in the shower. I see some photoshop in his future.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back Friday!

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