Liveblogging “Days of Our Lives” Settling In

Will and Sonny have decided to postpone their engagement until there’s less drama in their lives. Okay, then.

Guy Wilson is settling into the role of Will, and after yesterday’s awkward engagement scenes …

They had a sweet and warm bed scene.

But is there danger on the road ahead?

Abby is in town square, thinking of taking the ferry again so she can better appreciate the flashbacks she constantly has. Meanwhile, Salem’s Evil Bush (no, not Gabi’s hoo-ha) is watching intently.

Gabi is at the club with Ari (can babies be affected by second hand booze fumes?). She tells tad she’s ready to head home, as Will and Sonny have had enough time to get their freak on (not in the living room, of course, that’s reserved for Gabi.) Tad tells her that he doesn’t think the guys are finished doing … whatever they’re doing. Gabi says “Wait a minute, you know something, don’t you?” Tad has to ponder that for a moment.

Yeah! Will and Sonny are still in bed. Will gets a call … from Julie. Well that spoils the mood … unless! No, it definitely spoils the mood. She wants to know where Gabi is.

Doctor Doom tells Nicole and Eric to prepare to die … basically.

Back in the bedroom, Will tells Sonny that he and Gabi have decided to ask Abby to be Ari’s godmother. And they want to know if Sonny will be her godfather. Sonny says “Does this mean I have to f*ck E.J.?” No he doesn’t say that. Sonny is elated, and tells Will he’d love nothing more than to be Ari’s stepdaddy godfather. They kiss sweetly again.

I’m loving JJ today. He tells Theresa that Daniel would be better off with the “certifiable” Nicole than her because “She’s crazy … but you’re a monster.’

Wow, Will and Sony have spent half the episode in bed. They kiss some more, and Sonny tells Will he still has the ring if Will changes his mind. Will tells him he still has so much hanging over his head … there are so many on and off ramps … rest stops … curves ahead … oh wait, he was just describing that damn artwork. He wants to be the perfect partner, the perfect husband. Sony says “You kind of already are. As long as we’re together, I can wait a little while.”

Gabi and Ari come home and ruin everything.

Gabi tells them that Julie is on warpath about Nick. Everyone is going to be at the christening, and she doesn’t know how she’s going to make it through. Will tells her to shut the f*ck up, because the focus of Ari’s christening is going to be Ari, not her.

Eric and Nicole are about to have the “We’re about to die, so let’s confess our love” moment.

Will and Sonny reassure Gabi that the Christening is going to be a wonderful day and it’s going to go off without a hitch. Oh dear … what is the show planning? If Ari starts screaming when she enters the church and her skin burns when the priest drops the holy water on her … is that too much to ask, show?

Eric admits to having a holy bone for Nicole.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back next week!

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