Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” Sonny Unbound

With the ball and chain in California, can Sonny cut loose?

This was sweet, but last Halloween was so much more fun.

I’m pretty sure this is the only liveblog this week, but come back later this week when I’ll be posting an exclusive diary of … Will Horton’s California Adventure.

We start with a hilarious dream sequence, as Kristen is shaken awake by Eric, who spits out “You Bitch! I know what you did to me!”

Nick is on the phone with a modeling agency, and has a long conversation about signing Gabi. Am I the only one who has a creepy feeling that … there’s no one on the other end of the line?

Gabi is about to leave Ari … again … and makes Sonny babysit, while Sonny is at work. But being close to Ari means he misses Will less, so he’s fine with Gabi abandoning her baby in a bar.

Dear God, Kate looks like she was attacked by a murder of crows. Did her camisole explode?

Sonny holding Ari is undeniably adorable, but if she wants to earn her keep, she’s going to have to get that espresso machine working.

So, Sami and EJ in bed, and Kristen and Brady in bed. Jeez, even the show’s PRIEST, in a dream sequence, has seen the inside of a bedroom. Meanwhile, Will and Sonny can’t find time for a goodbye bonk.

Nick is on his phone again, sending a text to Gabi. Oh wait , that’s not a phone … oh my god … its a piece of driftwood he painted numbers on.

Kristen orders her henchman to come over, and tells him that Eric is starting to remember what happened that night. Right now, he think it was Nicole, but “what if he remembers it was me, as he’s joining his brother and me in marriage?” Oh great, spoil Friday’s show, Kristen.

Is it just me, or is this episode just boring filler until the juicy stuff starts happening later this week?

Kristen is having a medium hot meltdown. Finally, something interesting! OOOHHH! EJ heard the whole thing. He now knows what Kristen did to Eric. He saunters in and yells out “Happy wedding day, dear sisssster!”

Finally, we get back to Sonny, for the last two minutes of his five minutes of screen time. He tells Sami that he just spoke to Will, and he’s doing fine, and having interesting CALIFORNIA ADVENTURES. Oh Sonny, if you knew that half of it. Sami gushes over Ari, and mentions how happy she is that Nick is out of the picture. Until Sonny mentions that, well, he may not be, because he wants desperately to get back together with Gabi. Sami is abhored.

Well, that was a terrible episode. But thanks for joining me. We’ll be back next week, and look for Will’s California Diary later this week!

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