Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” Take A Bow

Join us as we say farewell to Chandler Massey.

This is the last liveblog of the week. Guy Wilson takes over next Wednesday, but check back on Monday for a very special Days Of Our Lives post!

Sami and Kate meet to discuss “the situation.” Sami looks like she raided Eric’s new civilian wardrobe. Kate is wearing her combination business attire/murder cover-up ensemble.

WilSon’s theme song starts playing, as Sonny brings out his Tin Of Magical Wishes And Secret Dreams. Will reaches in and pulls one out. “Marry Will Horton.” They talk over each other, and then suddenly Nick appears, sans Bloody Head Wound. Ghost Nick tells Will to ask Sonny “what he’s been keeping from you for over a year. About the mother of your child.” Will sternly asks “Sonny, are you hiding something from me?” Oh wait … it was all just a dream. Sony wakes up sweating, and calls out for Will.

Will is at the riverbed, and then we get something new … A FLASHBACK WITH A SONNY VOICEOVER. Neither Sonny nor Will actually witnessed the incident, so it’s amazing how accurate Will’s flashback is. Hey, wait a minute! On Tuesday’s show, Sonny never told Will about the drowning part, but now suddenly Will hears Sonny’s voice in his head, explaining it? Wha?

Will is interrupted by Twinkwatching guy, who delivers his chilling, and now quite annoying “Greetings!”

Sonny comes out of the bedroom and calls out to Will. I swear, my immediate thought was “check the closet!”, and sure enough, Sonny does, and is shocked that Will isn’t hiding there.

Twinkwatching guy delivers a cryptic warning about the river being … so cold … so lethal. He once watched someone become prey to its danger. Okay, what is his deal. He thinks he’s doing Shakespeare In The Park. Sonny arrives, and twinkwatcher says “Ahh! Now I know what’s going on here.” Alas!

Will says “I don’t know what you think is going on here,” but Sonny interrupts and explains that twinkwatcher was the Santa from Town Square. Twinkwatcher says “Forsooth! My first encounter with thou group was Thanksgiving, when thy three wenches were gathered here. I vowed to keep their secret, and I will keep it to my grave.”


Twinkwatcher bids Will and Sonny adieu, and as he walks away, Will turns to Sonny and says “He knows.” There’s just one solution … SANTACIDE!

Will is having a crisis of conscience. Okay, Sonny, if ever there was a time to do a Cher “Snap out of it” slap, this is it. C’mon, let your gay gene take over.

Sonny tells Will to trust EJ. Meanwhile, Sami has chopsticks in her hair.

Chandler’s last scene has Will talk about that “creepy English dude,” and Sonny telling Will “Let’s go home, and see your little girl.” They walk off together.

So … That’s it. Thanks to Chandler for these couple of years bringing Will Horton to life. And thanks for joining me. We’ll be back next week for a new Will Horton Era. And check back on Monday for that special DOOL post!

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