Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” The Christening, Part Two

Days Of Our Lives cannot have an event … any event … without a cataclysm. Obviously, the Christening is going to have an earth-shaking interruption (just be glad it’s not a bris). But which character would you like to see provide the fireworks? TAKE OUR POLL!


Here’s ROUND TWO. The top two votegetters from each poll will go head-to-head tomorrow!


Eric has regained consciousness. Suddenly I’ve got a hankering for some Schweddy Balls Ice Cream.

Aidan is off to a bad start, yelling at the basically single mother for not paying more attention to her kid.

Julie continues to harass Gabi, who still looks like the velour couch in the foyer of a whorehouse. Gabi can’t take it anymore, and runs out, needing some air, while Will and Sonny (who look great in their suits) ask Julie what the hell happened.

Abigail knows that EJ is hiding something, and out of thin air, deduces “Did Gabi kill Nick?” Congratulations, she now has a better crime-solving track record than the whole of the Salem PD

Will and Sonny confront Julie about her busybodiness. Will asks “Seriously, Julie, we’re about to Christen our daughter. Why did she run out of here like that?” Sonny adds “Did you say something to upset her?” Julie tells them that she’s convinced that something happened to Nick, and she’s sure it’s not Nick sending those texts.

EJ gets a call from Gabi, and then tells Abby “Do you really think Gabi is capable of murder?” Um … Abby see right through EJ’s bullshit, and tells him she agrees with Julie, that it’s not Nick sending those texts. She then has a horrible self-realization, and asks EJ if that’s the reason why he slept with her … to shut her up. Hey! Will and Sonny need shutting up, too, EJ.

Eric gets a visit from a Nun Extra, who gives him her rosary and tells him she hopes he can come back soon. She then excuses herself to go outside and see if she can get airborne.

Will tells Julie, “Who would be sending texts as Nick?” She gets a call from Hope and says ’My sister and I are going to get to the bottom of this!” and storms out. Oh Julie, isn’t there a statue unveiling somewhere you could be attending?

Gabi freaks out and runs to EJ. She breathlessly croaks out “Julie knows everything!” EJ tells her “Julie has been watching too many whodunits in her golden years.” Ha! He calms her down and … UH-OH. Is Gabi going to need some “Shutting Up?”

Will tells Sonny not to worry, as it’s probably going to be a few more weeks before people really start becoming suspicious. He takes Sonny’s hand to comfort him, but Abby rushes in and asks them where Julie is. She has to talk to her immediately. Oh Abby, isn’t there a father figure somewhere you could be banging?

The guys tell Abby that Julie rushed out to see Hope, but before she can rush out again, the guys toss Ari into her arms and excuse themselves to discuss the situation. Everything is starting to unravel, and they call EJ to let him know. Gabi tells EJ “I know you’ll handle Julie the same way you handled Abigail.” Snork! Okay, I have to give the writers props for these one-liners they’ve been coming up with lately.

Gabi and EJ arrive at the church, and EJ tells Will and Sonny he needs to talk to Abby alone. Oh dear … is her going to try Shutting Her Up … right there in the church?

Will tells Gabi to shut the f*ck up and stay calm. She leaves to flounce around in the churchyard, while Julie and Hope arrive and ask where Abby is. EJ tells Abby that today is not about Nick or her, and she should wait until after the christening to open her pie hole.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back tomorrow.

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