Liveblogging “Days of Our Lives” The Christening, Part Three

Here’s the final poll, with the top four votegetters from yesterday’s poll plus the addition of Twinkwatcher (h/t crawfish po boy).


Will tells Sonny “This is supposed to be Arianna’s day.” Sony puts his hand on Will’s shoulder and says “It is. It will be.” Will sighs and tells him “As long as her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother don’t get arrested for murder, it’ll be amazing.” Oh Will, it wouldn’t be a Salem Ceremony without a major felony in the air.

Gabi, Sami, and Kate look like they rummaged through the wardrobe trunk of a Community Theater. “Hey, here’s something from ’Cats!’ Ooh look at this outfit from ’Gypsy!’ I found this dazzling number from ’Priscilla!'”

Ha! Will asks Abby what’s up with Julie. She looked “tense.” Abby tells him that Julie is worried about Nick. Will says “Because of the texts?” Abby is surprised Julie told them about that, and Will looks at Sonny and Sonny looks at Will and then Sonny says “yeah, but she sounded … crazy.” Will concurs, and adds “Yeah … JULIE CRAZY. You didn’t think so?” Oh Will, way to throw your … aunt/cousin? under the bus.

Abby tells the boys that Julie and Hope have some questions for Gabi. Sonny pooh-poohs the very idea, saying that Nick left on bad terms with Gabi, and why the hell would she know anything. Abby tells them that Gabi saw Nick just before he left, so she may remember a clue. Hope will question her after the ceremony.

Will immediately texts Gabi, who completely falls apart, and has to be propped up by Sami and Kate, who do everything but smack her face and tell her “maintain!”

They arrive at the church, and Will and Gabi take Ari off to get her ready. Meanwhile, Sami tells Sonny and Abby how happy she is that they are the godparents, and what a great role model Abby is going to make. Abby tries to brush it off, but Sami shuts her up. Oh Wait! Not that kind of “Shutting Up!”

Upstairs, Gabi tells Will that if things get crazy after the ceremony, she wants Will to know that she’s done a lot of crazy things in her life that have affected Will, including some things he doesn’t even know about it. But the one mistake she will never regret is the night they made Arianna. I SWEAR TO GOD IF THEY FLASHBACK TO THAT SCENE … oh … they can’t. It’s a new Will! I love the New Will!

Gabi tells him that not only is Will the best daddy that Ari could have, but he’s her best friend. Yeah but … he can’t stand you, Gabi.

Everyone in Salem arrives at the church, including a hot JJ, a limping Rafe, and Lucas, who tells Sonny ’Maybe someday soon you and Will can have a ceremony of your own.” Sonny beams and says “Sounds good to me.”

The ceremony begins, and it’s sweet and moving. Sonny gives a long speech about being the godfather “I will always have a special bond with Arianna Grace. I’ve been with her from the very beginning, and I intend to be a part of her life. I vow to be there through her life challenges, like taking her first steps, through her first heartbreak, and I promise to love and care for Arianna as if she were my own daughter.” Arianna acts all coy and stuff, but you can tell she’s eating this shit up. That’s right, she’s learning that it’s all about her. The Sami gene is kicking in.

Pa Walton sprinkles the holy water on Ari’s head, and Gabi has a flashback to Nick drowning. Seriously? When Gabi pees, does she have a damn flashback to Nick drowning?

The ceremony ends, with Will inviting everyone back to the Dimera’s. Gee, I hope Stefano has changed out of his robe.

As everyone files out of the church, Julie lick her lips (literally!) about pouncing on Gabi, but Hope tells her to cool her dress shields.

Gabi sees Julie and Hope, and is terrified about being cornered, But Kate assures her they’ll protect her.

Abby comes back in and is about to talk to Hope when a mysterious figure opens the church door and walks in. Everyone gasps as the figure turns around. It’s … the disembodied chest of Brian! No, actually, IT’S NICK! he says “Sorry, am I interrupting?” Everyone’s jaws drop … including Ari, who I swear gives the best reaction.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back next week.

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