Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” The GACK Is Back

Will and Gabi argue over Nick. Just when you thought it was safe …

We haven’t Liveblogged since Wednesday, and WilSon showed up on Thursday, and Will had a couple of scenes on Friday, but there’s not much to discuss. They witnessed the Vargas (RIP) fight, made small talk with friends, and Friday Will was served to testify in Sami’s trial.

Speaking of … take a look at Rafe’s summons. They have his address as “Salem USA” with a fake zip code, but take a look at the very top of the paper. WHOOPS!

Oh, and in case you haven’t heard … COMING SOON

Sonny comes home, still wearing a modified version of his Club Opening hair. At least now he looks like Sonny Kiriakis again and not Sonny Corinthos. He opens a letter to reveal that’s he’s been summoned to appear to testify against Sami. He calls Will, who says, ’No shit. So have I.”

DANNIFER. Sigh … Okay, here’s something to mull over. Would you rather have to watch DANNIFER or GACK? I know, I know … stub your toe or nasty paper cut.

Sonny tells Will to stay calm. He’ll talk to his dad, and then meet up with him. Gabi has other plans though. She has to go to class or get her nails done, or bang Nick again or something. So sorry, but Sonny has to stay and watch the baby. Sonny tells her “You can’t go.” I love Order Barking Sonny!

JJ walks in on Dannifer, and calls her mother a slut. Daniel grabs him by the collar and shakes him. Tragically, JJ’s shirt stays on.

Sonny explains the situation, and how he has to leave to meet with Will and Justin to talk about the case. Gabi is furious, but Sonny tells her, “Just go back to sleep.”

Daniel and JJ tussle, with JJ finally breaking free, and running out the door, making a hilariously inept attempt to slam the door shut. Work on it, kid.

Nick walks into the new club, and waves happily to Will, saying how great the place looks. Will is a bit frosty toward him … hey, wait, I thought they were all best buds. Will notices the paper in Nick’s hand and asks if he’s been summoned to testify. Nick laughs, “Oh this? No this is to verify that I am now officially off parole. You know, just telling me to keep my nose clean, etc.”

Will sarcastically says “Yeah, because you’ve done that since you got out, right?” Nick senses that Will is no mood for light banter, especially because Sami is in her predicament BECAUSE OF NICK, but luckily Sonny comes in. He waves to Sonny, who gives a half-hearted “Hi, Nick,” before Sonny completely ignores him and starts talking to Will about meeting up with Justin, and how he had to leave Gabi to care for Ari. Will knows Gabi is probably pissed.

Nick says goodbye to a disinterested Will and Sonny, and leaves … and immediately heads over to “console” Gabi. Console the hell out of her.

Adrienne comes into the club and immediately enters passive-aggressive mom mode “I understand why you didn’t invite me to the opening. but the place looks fabulous!” Sonny tells her now is not a good time, and sure enough, Justin comes in and tells her he needs to speak to Sonny and Will … alone. Adrienne asks “I should leave?” and as her TEARS START WELLING, Justin says “If you don’t mind.” As she tearfully leaves, Will starts smirking and can barely contain his laughter.

Justin tells Will and Sonny they need to get a lawyer, and he gives them a few names to call. Justin leaves, with Will not far behind. Adrienne immediately comes back in, with Sonny asking “Were you out there the whole time?”

Will comes home to find Nick holding the baby, and rushes up and takes her from him to put her down for a nap. Nick leaves, and Will comes out and asks, “What the hell was that?”

Sonny explains that he and Will are going to be forced to testify against Sami, and if Will clams up, it could put him in prison. But if he tells the truth, it could send Sami away. Adrienne says ’Thank God you’re protected.” Ha! Oh Adrienne.

Will tears into the fact that Nick was there, telling Gabi he’s the last person he wants to see in his home. Gabi says, “So not only do you get to decide when I have to take care of Ari, you get to decide my friends.” She explains that Nick is officially off parole. Will tells her, “Yes, he paid for his crimes back then, but what about his crimes since then? What about what he did to me?” Gabi says “Well, he’s sorry.” Oh Gabi, now I remember why I hate you.

They continue arguing, but unfortunately the sound on my NBC went out for a minute. It came back on in time for Gabi to say “Your live-in boyfriend!” On cue, Sonny walks in in time to hear. He stands by Will.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back tomorrow. At least the guys are getting fired up about something instead of moping around, even if it does involve GACK.

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