Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” The Goggles Do Nothing!

Will catches GACK in a compromising position. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

Sonny showed up on yesterday’s show, and … did absolutely nothing of any consequence.

Actually, this was the most interesting moment on yesterday’s show.

Followed by this …

EJ confronts Chad about his brain tumor. Chad tells him it was a false positive. But then … why is Chad reading up on experimental procedures? Uh-oh.

Sonny tells Abigail “I hope Chad doesn’t hurt you” Abigail asks him what he means, and Sonny says “I didn’t mean to imply that he would.” Oh Sonny … He tries to backtrack “I just mean that I know him and work with him” Oh Sonny, quit while you’re ahead. “He’s my friend, and I don’t want to see you get hurt, so just watch out.” Gabi overhears and spits out “Gee, if that’s the way you talk about your friends, I’d hate to hear how you talk about someone you don’t like.” Stick around, honey, you may get your chance.

Nick is gabbing with Kate about some new fangled formula when Will comes in and asks “Hey, grandma, what’s going on? Are you hiring Nick back?”

So are we taking bets yet on when Jordan is going to take off her glasses and turn from mousy to hottie? Because girls only wear glasses on soaps as subterfuge.

Kate explains that Nick is just doing freelance work. Doesn’t she know that Freelancers are inherently evil? Will flips out, and Nick purposely makes matters worse by being all Nick, smugly letting it slip that that it was Sami and Sonny’s fault that the last new fangled formula didn’t work out, and then reminding Will that everything he said on the stand was true. After he leaves, Kate tells Will “You know, it was my fault that Nick was called to the witness stand,” and Will replies, “Oh sure, nothing Nick does is ever his fault.”

Gabi’s nostrils are flaring. This ain’t gonna end well. Abigail wants to know why Sonny thinks Chad might hurt her, and Gabi barges in, saying “Yeah, why?” Sonny tells, nicer than I would have, that this is none of her concern. Sonny tells Abby that Chad is his friend, but he has done some rotten stuff in the past. Gabi says, “yeah, like ruin my wedding.” Sonny tells her “Yes, but what I didn’t know at the time was that he had a very good reason.” I Love Gauntlet-Throwing Sonny!

Gabi tells Sonny and Abby that it’s true that Chad shouldn’t have ruined the wedding, but in a way, he helped the situation, because the truth came out and everyone is better for it. And they’ve made amends, so everything is fine between them now. Sonny give her his “You’re so full of shit, but I’m going to be Sonny” smile.

Nick is talking to himself. Ordinarily, that’d be a cause for concern, but in Salem, you can get thrown in the looney-bin for not having sinister conversations with yourself.

Gabi says “I wonder what Will would say if he found out you were trashing Chad?” Oh girl … Sonny responds “I don’t know what you think you heard, but I was not trashing Chad. How could I blame for making a few mistakes, especially after you almost single-handedly destroyed his life.”

I cannot stand Theresa, but she’s about to pick up a big burly biker, so I do have to give her a little credit.

Gabi and Sonny get in each others face, and have a hot confrontation, with Gabi smirking her way through, telling him she knows he wishes Chad had told the truth, that way she’d be in jail, and out of hi life, and “You wouldn’t have a baby cramping your style.” Sonny points his finger in hers face and says “You’ve crossed the line. Don’t you ever talk about Ari and me. You know I love that little girl.” Gabi tells him “Then you better start respecting her mother.”

Sonny and Will are with Ari at the club when SEAN HAYES JUMPS IN FROM OFFSCREEN. After that terrifying moment, they make plans for the zoo, as Sonny chokes out “Gabi is a really good mom.” After surviving that. Will tends to Ari as Sonny looks at him adoringly.

GACK are together in the apartment, being sleazy and GACK-like. Nick flicks his reptilian tongue across her neck. Sensing the stimuli, Gabi’s body responds with with a gutturall growl. They kiss, and as their bodies start to undulate, we hear Will’s voice “What the hell is going on here?”

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back tomorrow.

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