Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” The Icing On The Cake

Will and Sonny keep vigil for Chad. Is there time for a quickie in Will’s old hospital room?

This would so win on Just Desserts.

Will and Sonny are in the darkened hall on the way to their quickie when Maxine tells them that there’s no news yet. After she leaves, Will says ’I wish there was something we could do.” Sonny’s eyes brighten and he says “i’ve got an idea. Come with me.” Quickie!

Daniel refuses to give up, dammit! Live, Dammit! Breathe, Dammit! Don’t you die on me, Dammit! Cameron and the nurse feel it’s hopeless, and I’m pretty sure the nurse is rolling her eyes. These scenes are intercut with Stefano in the chapel begging god to save his son, Dammit! Chad is gone, though. Daniel says ’Call it,” and starts to walk away. When …suddenly … there’s a beep … and another … omg … he’s alive! So all Chad needed to live again was for Dan to keep his hands off him. Take a note, Jennifer.

Sonny is fast-walking through Town Square when Will catches up and asks him what his big idea is. And the big idea is … sandwiches. They’re going to to go the club and take food back for everyone. Well, they’re already dressed like Cater Waiters, so why not. Sonny just feels the need to do something, and “I tried to give blood, but I’m not the right type.” Hmm … serious question: Would Sonny even have been allowed to give blood, considering he’s afflicted with The Gay?

Sonny is running around, trying not to let what happened affect him, but Will can tell he’s trying to hide his emotions. Sonny goes over to the coffeemaker and starts chattering incessantly about how he knows how to make different kinds of coffee … and he saw Chad make coffee … and won’t everyone at the hospital enjoy coffee .. and COFFEECOFFEECOFFEEMUSTMAKECOFFEE. Will tries to calm him down. May I suggest … decaf?

Sonny has Post Marge Stress Disorder. They talk about what a great guy Chad was .. I MEAN IS … and how he’s Sonny’s best friend, and they need to get back to the hospital with the coffee and sandwiches … oh and here’s some blood pudding. Maybe people will li … oh wait … Never mind.

Will and Sonny are leaving when they run into Roman and Hope, who tell them they’ll see them at the hospital later. Hope says ’be careful driving,” which may be the funniest line I’ve ever heard on this show.

In the very next scene, Will and Sonny are already back at the hospital. Dan tells everyone that his miracle hands performed their magic yet again, and Chad pulled through, but will be in pain for a while. Just wait til he gets the bill! Booya!

I just noticed how horrid Abby’s dress is. Although with the bloodstain, it might be a winning design on a Project Runway avant garde challenge.

Roman warns Sami about marrying into the DiMera’s, but i’m too busy noticing the hot cub orderly in the background. Rowr.

Will and Sonny are back at the apartment with Ari. They gaze at her and talk about what a miracle she is. Meanwhile, Ari is staring at Will’s mouth and drooling. I know the feeling, kiddo.

Stefano promises to reform, but Chad’s nipple is dubious.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. Well, I didn’t know until the last minute the guys would be on today, so I’m done guessing if they’ll be on again this week. If they are, we’ll be back!

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