Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” The Main Event

Will and Sonny fight over GACK. Everyone loses.

In addition to his many other talents, Will Horton has discovered his latest gift … head tilt sound effects. Although it would be more entertaining with a “Boing! or “Record Scratch”

We start with Will and Sonny rehashing the fight, but … wait! There’s no head tilt! Not fair. I had hoped to see various Will sound effects, including “sniffle chime” and “Tear drop chirp.” They continue arguing until E.J. emerges from the bushes and says “I though you two were more mature than this. I guess I was wrong.”

E.J. orders the boys to stop fighting in front of the baby. I Love Scolding Hot E.J! Seriously, I expect him to say, “You two need to be punished for your insolence. Bring me the paddle.” What, I’m the only one who can see that?

He wants to know what the hell is going on between them, since they always present such a united front. Will give serious side-eye to Sonny and says, “Nick is sleeping with Gabi, and GENIUS here did not tell me about it.” Snort! E.J. demands to know from Sonny why he would do that after the way Nick has behaved, and Sonny tells both of them that Gabi threatened to move out and take the baby if he said anything. “Now, since you two seem to know everything, what would you do in that situation?” E.J. is itching to shout out “two words – shallow grave.”

Will says, “I’m a jackass. I should have known you wouldn’t keep anything from me without a good reason.” Will asks E.J. if Gabi can just take Ari and leave. E.J. tells him “There’s no law saying she has to live with the father of her child.” Will starts to go off again, telling Sonny that Nick is trying to control Gabi again. Sonny tries … defending Gabi … *sigh* … and says “Well, I’m sure she didn’t really mean when she blackmailed me.” Bring back Angry Sonny, please. E.J. says “That’s a pretty generous interpretation.” Sonny explains that Gabi is just lonely, and so she turned to the first person who showed her some attention. Will grasps Sonny by the shoulders and says “The only problem with that, is that the person she turned to is a nutjob.”

E.J. tells Will to listen to Sonny, and announces that the wedding is back on, but he and Sami haven’t set a date yet. Well, Sweeps is in November, so you better start planning. He tells the guys “no more fighting,” and then leaves. So … did Will and Sonny just take relationship advice … from E.J.?

After he leaves, they smile at each other and apologize, kissing sweetly and saying “I Love You.” Hey, wait. The show is only half over. If that’s it for WilSon, I’m going to be pissed.

There’s more, thankfully. They realize that with E.J. taking Sami and all the kids to Chicago, they may have the mansion to themselves, and plan a wild night of “polishing the chess board” (which isn’t quite “putting candy corn in my pocket” but will do.) Oh wait, that didn’t really happen. They talk about blah blah the baby blah blah Gabi.

They meet Gabi at the apartment, and Will apologizes for acting the way he did, but hopes she understands why he flipped out. She says she does, and they sit down to talk.

Gabi tells them that all she feels like is “Arianna’s mom,” and Nick was there when she needed someone, but she’s realized that it’s not going to work out with him, and she needs to find a way to break it off with him. She apologizes for threatening to take Ari away, but she never would have actually done it, and can’t everything go back the way it was?

Will tends to Ari, while Sonny asks Asks Gabi to come to Oktoberfest. Gabi tells him that Cameron already asked her, and then reads between the lines, realizing that Sonny put Cameron up to it. Sonny feigns ignorance, then admits he may have mentioned that Gabi was a great girl, and advised Cameron to ask her out. I Love Coy Sonny!

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back Friday.

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