Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” The New Guy

Will finally reveals the truth to another character, and will we get to know more about J.J.?

Will was on yesterday’s show, but only for a couple of scenes. But if you didn’t watch, you missed one of the most inexplicable, random, WTF scenes in recent history. Behold!

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So here’s the new J.J., played by model/singer Casey Moss. I won’t be able to properly judge his acting ability til I see him with his shirt off. But he opens the door and is very terse with Daniel, so he’s off to a good start.

Sami is still recovering from her bizarre run through the park trying to catch Squarejaw, and momentarily stops to talk to herself. Nick grabs her from behind and drags her into a convenient scummy dark alley (you can tell because the trash cans have grafitti spray-painted on them). He takes his hand off her mouth and tells her he wants his money back … now! Strangely, I think this is actually a different scummy dark alley than the one Will was forced to live in when EJ took his apartment away.

Speaking of, Rafe comes in to the pub, sits next to Will, and tells him he wants the truth about Nick.

JJ continues being hilariously passive-aggressive with Daniel and Jennifer. He says, “I’m going to make a sandwich. Do you want something?,” almost daring Daniel to say yes. Casey Moss has done some modeling, but sadly, I’ve only been able to find underwear shots. C’mon, he must have needed money when he moved to Hollywood, dammit.

Sami and Nick struggle, with Nick saying, “Knowing you, you probably have the money on you.” He tries to grab her bag … and she does the same to him.

Sami knees him in the nuts and then pulls out the gun that Kate gave her, saying, “You take one step, and I’ll blow you away.”

Jennifer is livid. She just a call from the headmaster, who told her that the reason that JJ is home is because he got expelled … for dealing drugs!

Finally back to Rafe and Will. Rafe is not buying the story GACK and Will have been shilling, and tries to convince Will to tell him the rest. Is Will about to spill it?

Back to the alley, where Sami thinks she’s in control, but Nick has an ace up his sleeve. He still has the recording of Will admitting to shooting EJ! Jeez, how many copies does he own?

JJ explains that it was his roommate that was selling pot, but because the stash was found in their room, he shared the blame. He didn’t tell her about it because he was afarid he wouldn’t believe her. “I was right, wasn’t I?” I believe you, JJ. Now let me see your nipples.

Rafe is getting closer to Will telling him the truth. Will says, “Nick doesn’t want me and Sonny in my baby’s life because we’re gay.” Rafe mutters, ’Son of a bitch.”

Sami orders Nick to turn over the recording, but he says, ’I have a dozen more,” and tells her that if he goes down, so is Will.

Damn. Will is NOT going to tell Rafe the truth about Nick’s blackmail, he just tells him that Nick is a big ’phobe. At least Rafe doesn’t take this news well, which is a good thing.

Ugh! Sami blinks first, and gives Nick his money. But she makes him promise to keep the recording under lock and key. Um … it was Sami, but that didn’t stop you the first time.

Will and Marlena have a nice scene, with him telling her, “John is making a huge mistake,” and hugging each sweetly. Delicious!

Nick is ready to proceed with his plans to invest Vargas’ money, when Rafe walks up. Nick tells him “life is good,” and Rafe answers “I know exactly who you are are now, and for my sister, life isn’t looking good at all.”

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. I think we’ll be back tomorrow, but we’ll let you know for sure.

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