Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” The Pickle

Look, all I can do is admit my mistake.

Pickle In The Middle.

Sonny comes home and finds Will lamenting to Ari “I can’t lose you.” Kate arrives, and picks up the baby, holding her up close to her face. Please tell me I’m not the only one who shuddered and had a flashback to V, and Jane Badler unhinging her jaw.

Father Hottie Civilian Hottie (h/t marybee50) is in the pub looking gorgeous in fifty shades of grey. Great … now i’m picturing him with a whip. But then, I always did.

Sami and Gabi are playing nice … for the moment. But if i don’t hear “somebody hold my earrings” before this episode is over, i’m going to be HIGHLY PISSED.

So Nick is leaving today. Great, now hurry up Hope and take him to the airport immediately. No, no need to stop anywhere, just LEAVE NOW.

Will and Sonny tell Kate about Gabi and the modeling job. Okay, Kate is a high profile figure in the fashion industry. I’m sure one call from her to “Sparkle” can end Gabi’s dream.

Oh Lordy is Greg Vaughan hot. Just an observation

Sammi pegs Gabi immediately. She offers her an exclusive modeling contract with Wilhelmina. That way Gabi can have her fame and fortune, but still stay in Salem. Gabi hems and haws, and Sami tells her that all of this has nothing to do with wanting to do what’s best for Ari, it’s about Gabi wanting to move to the big city. Gabi hems and haws more, and when Sami suggests that Gabi go have her glitzy life and leave Ari with the family, Gabi goes ballistic, and lets it slip that Ari is … part of the modeling deal.

Kate flashes back to Nick saying he’s moving to new York, and she has a moment of realization. She tells Will that she’s not going to let this happen, and Will says thank you and TEARS START WELLING. Kate leaves to skin her a Nick.

And … we interrupt for the President Kennedy reel.

From the WilSon Eggplant Collection

And we’re back!

Sami talks about “dealing with the devil,” and we cut to Kate in Nick’s face. He denies knowing anything about the Gabi situation. Kate gets a text from Sami, and it looks like we’re going to get the two of them pairing up.

Nicole is wearing a fabulous and tragic bedazzled coat.

WHAT! Sonny asks Will “You’d consider moving to New York?” Dammit, i missed it. DAMN YOU LEE HARVEY OSWALD! Will says yes, he can transfer to NYU, because that’s where Professor Mason Jarvis is now, and they really hit off. Sonny tells him “Will, I can’t move to New York.”

The only way Jordan will be interesting is if she takes off her glasses and spins around.

OHH! Will says ’Of course you can tag along to New York. It’ll be easy for you to get a job as a bartender.” WILL, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!! Sonny tells him that hurts his feelings. He’s not a bartender, he owns his own club, and he put his heart and soul into it. Well actually, Brent did most of it, but that’s not important. Will says “DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE BETWEEN YOU AND MY DAUGHTER.” Oh, shut the f*ck up, Will.

Sami and Kate have their meeting, and Kate tells her that Gabi is going to NY, and not by herself. Sami says “I know, she wants to take Ari.” Kate tells her “And Nick! He’s going to NY with Gabi and Ari!” Sami bellows “WHAT?”

Damn, that’s it. it was just getting good.

That’s it. Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back next week. Stuff happens!

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