Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” The Redemption Of Nick Fallon, Part One

Will meets his daughter. Nick seeks forgiveness. Good luck with that. Join us for the drama at 1 PM ET!

I just laughed heartily at the pic of John that Brady has on his phone. If i had to see that pissed-off photo every time his number came up, I wouldn’t want him calling, either.

Sami and Adrienne tiptoe over to look at the baby, but it’s gone. Don’t worry Gabi, there’s a basket of delicious gourmet blueberry muffins in its place. That’s just as good.

Will regains consciousness and sees a hazy vision. Ah! It’s the Angel of Death, and it’s carrying a baked ham!! Oh wait … it’s Nick, who’s holding the baby.

Nick turns around to leave, and suddenly a voice pipes up saying, ’Nick?” OMG, the baby is already speaking in tongues! Oh wait, it’s Will, who’s having trouble keeping his eyes open … and uncrossed, which is pretty funny, actually.

Brady confronts Kristin with the pic of her and Sy, and I’m amazed it isn’t smeared with crayons, cupcake frosting, and boogers, considering how often those kids handled it. You can tell Kristin is about to lose it because her hair has lost control and is trying to escape from her head.

Maggie is being attacked by Sonny’s shirt, which i’m now convinced is an alien symbiote, ala that Spiderman “Venom” thingy.

Gabi tells Sami that the last time she saw Nick, he was holding the baby. Sami’s hackles are a risin’!

Will opens his eyes, and sees Nick, and for some reason has a flashback to the whole blackmail story. Well, now that new viewers are caught up … Nick creepily creeps up to Will’s bed.

Brady has figured everything out. I owe someone a lot of money.

Maggie wants Will, Gabi, Nick, and Sonny to get along. Sonny tells her that he and Gabi are now good, but he can’t say the same for Will and Nick.

Sami tells Maxine “The crazy son of a bitch Nick stole my granddaughter,” and meanwhile, Nick introduces Will to his daughter. Dammit, I wanted Sonny to do that, you crazy son of a bitch! Nick tells Arianna “Say hi to your dad.” Aww! All is forgiven, Nick.

Nick tells Will, “Everything I’ve done, I’m so sorry.” Will asks to hold the baby, as Sonny comes in and sits down next to Will. TEARS START WELLING, from Will and Nick, who looks devastated.

Before Samzilla can level the hospital, Maxine brings her to Will’s room, where Will is still holding the baby. Nick leaves, and runs into Maggie.

Well, everyone loves everyone now. Gabi loves Sonny, Sonny loves Gabi, Will loves Gabi, Gabi loves Will, Will loves Sonny, Sonny loves Will. Then there’s Nick. Maggie follows him out to the park, where it looks like he’s about to spill his secrets.

Will tells Sonny that he’s glad he got Gabi to the hospital before the baby was born, and Sami breaks the news that it was Sonny who actually delivered the baby.

Maggie asks Nick what Jensen did do to him in prison, and Nick breaks down and starts weeping. I guess we’re supposed to read between the lines.

Kristin’s ugly banana yellow ensemble is not very … a-peel-ing. Booya!

Nick is realizing that everything he’s done is wrong, and Maggie tells him to talk to Gabi about it.

Sonny tells Will that he was just there while the baby came, but it was Gabi who did all the work. I Love False Modesty Sonny! Sami tells Will that Gabi says she couldn’t have done it without Sonny. Will looks flabbergasted. Or it might just be the morphine drip.

Oh dear. Brady turns to leave, and Kristin actually throws herself at him and clings to his leg.

AWW! Will tells Arianna and Sonny that he loves them, and Sonny kisses him sweetly on the lips. Meanwhile, Nick is about to tell Gabi the truth.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back tomorrow for Nick’s “Please Forgive Me” episode.

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