Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” The Redemption Of Nick Fallon, Part Two

Nick confesses to Gabi and apologizes to Will. It better be one hell of an apology.

NiCoco™ has a flashback to Johnny asking why she doesn’t marry Father Hottie. Don’t worry Johnny, in a year or two I’m sure you’ll be old enough to do it yourself.

Lucas comes in to see Will and the baby. Meanwhile, a tearful Nick begins his redemption. He tells Gabi “It’s time you knew the truth about me. You may think you know me, but you can’t. I don’t even know who I am.”

Kristen is sobbing on the floor and looks up to see Marlena. She spits out (literally, there was saliva everywhere) “BITCH!” Actually, it sounded more like “BISH!” Marlena is unaffected, and says, “Isn’t that what payback is, Kristin?”

Lucas tells Sonny thank you for bringing the baby to Will, but Will says it was Nick. Lucas looks concerned. Just once, I’d love to see Luczilla tear the place apart.

Gabi doesn’t want to hear it, but Nick tells her the truth. He blackmailed Will into giving up the baby. And he did it because Will is gay.

He tells her, “The way I treated Will and Sonny … it’s not because I’m religious. After all, I was happy to bang you out of wedlock. It’s because … things happened in prison. You have no idea of the things that happen.” Just say it, Dammit! He continues, “I made you my whole world. I took everything that happened in prison, and I put it in a box, and thought I wouldn’t have to deal with it again. Then Will turned out to be the baby’s father, and that’s when some of those demons came out again. If I didn’t treat them like dirt, how was I going to justify all my dirty secrets? I know this doesn’t make any sense.”

I agree.

“Then Will risked his life to save me. He almost died trying to stop Jensen from killing me. That’s when I realized that I have to face what Jensen did to me in prison. I have to face all the lies.”

Sonny and Sami take the baby back to nursery, while Will asks Lucas to stay for a moment. Outside in the hallway, Sami wants to know exactly what Nick said when he brought the baby in

Whoa! Nick admits that he doesn’t know if his love for Gabi is real, or a fantasy he tried to concoct in his mind.

Gabi breaks down, and asks ’What is it you’re trying to tell me?” Nick says, “Jensen raped me. Again and again, and again, and after that there was no me.” Wait a minute … did he actually say “rape?”

Sonny tells Sami that Nick just brought the baby to Will and said he was sorry about everything. Sami needs to rail against something, though, so she wants to know how the hell Jensen got out of jail in the first place, and someone better have answers.

Nick tells Gabi, “He raped me. I’ve never said that out loud.” We then get into Very Special Episode territory, as Nick explains that he took it out on Will and Sonny, but the thing is, Jensen wasn’t even gay, and prison rape isn’t about being gay or straight, it’s an act of violence, and for more information, visit your local public library.

Sonny and Sami come in with the baby, and can sense something is wrong. They’re smart like that. The nurse brings in the birth certificate, and Nick says “The name of the father is wrong.” Gabi adds “The name of the father should read William Horton.” Meanwhile, Will tells Lucas “Everything is going to be perfect now,” and he closes his eyes and dies. Or maybe he just fell asleep. Either way, it’s time for a sponge bath.

Kristen is bringing the loony, and it’s at wonderful full tilt. She calls Marlena a “smug, sanctimonious bish,” and rubs her hands all over hair and body, telling her that’s where John had his hands. Sadly, the fabulous display ends when Hope comes in and wants her to explain the picture with her and Sy.

A hilarious day player drug dealer (we know this because he keeps rubbing his nose and sniffing) comes up to Brady in the park and offers him some primo blow. Brady says no. Good idea. He knows he can get a discount from J.J.

Sonny tells Will “It’s you and me forever,” while Gabi tells Nick that they have a lot to think about. Nick leaves.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. I haven’t heard if the guys are going to be on tomorrow, but if they are, we’ll be back. But I will have a special post tomorrow for DOOL fans, so be sure and watch for it!

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