Liveblogging “Days of Our Lives” The Return of WilSon!

Okay, so I had to slap this liveblog together because once again STUPID SKIMPY SPOILERS.

Are they trying to piss me off?

YEAH! Sonny is in what looks like a tux shirt. He’s running around in the apartment, putting champagne. in a bucket. There are two glasses next to it. Um … whats going on here? He says ’I hope T can keep Will away long enough.” Hmmm ..

Will comes into the club and asks Tad where Sonny is, and T tells him he stepped out for a bit. Allie rushes in and runs over to Will, followed by Lucas … and then Rafe.

Eric is tied to a pole, with his shirt askance and his chesticles almost popping out. I approve. Meanwhile, Nicole is still hilariously clad in only a towel, also tied to the pole. While Doctor Doom is looking away, Eric struggles mightily against his shirt. C’mon Eric. A couple more shakes, and that thing will burst at the seams. You can do it!

A very happy Sonny (which is adorable to see) calls Gabi and tells her to stay the f*ck away. Okay, he actually says it nicer than that. He then texts Tad (and once again, we see the texts on screen), and tells him All Set!!! Tad texts back Got it!!!:-). He walks over to Will and tells him that Sonny needs him back at home. Um … what’s going on here?

It is so incredibly sexist that they have Nicole bound, helpless, and almost naked. And meanwhile, Eric remains fully clothed. Double Standard!

WilSon’s Theme plays as Will comes home, sees the romantic display, and wants to know what’s going on. Sonny tells him that Gabi is staying the f*ck away so they can be alone.

BTW, Anne fell on her ass yesterday and tried to say Dan shoved her. It didn’t work, but she gets points for it.

Nicole is finally coming to. I want one of those Miracle Stay-Put Hollywood Towels. Meanwhile, sweat is glistening on Eric’s chest.

AND WE HAVE THE FIRST WILSON 2.0 KISS! Will grabs Sonny by the head and does an Alien Face Hugger. Wow, he is really into it. Sonny pulls away, as the suction release sounds like a thousand balloons deflating. He says “I kind of had this all planned out.” Horndog Will says “Gabi’s gone. We’re alone. What did you have in mind?” and then gets all up in Sonny’s grill. Well, Guy Wilson is certainly going for it.

Will looks at the champagne, and asks if it isn’t a little early to be boozing. Sonny responds “I thought we might have something to celebrate.” Will looks shocked and says ’That’s so sweet. You truly are the most thoughtful person.” Sonny is puzzled and asks “So you know what this is about?” Will tells him “Of course I do. You want to celebrate my party early!”

You don’t know how hard it has been to resist writing “Eric keeps yanking the pole.”

Will explains “What a cool idea! A pre-celebration of Ari’s christening!” Sonny tells him “You’re really messing with my zen here, Will. I wanted to talk about all this before …” Will asks “before what?” and Sonny responds “before popping the question.” Will says “What question?” OH WILL. Some things never change.

Sami asks Tad where Sonny and Will are, and he says they’re back at the apartment. Sami decides to pay them a visit, but Tad says no … they’re busy … it’s something important. Sami has her “ooh! Another wedding DAYSaster” look.


That’s it! Thanks for joining me. There are no STUPID SKIMPY SPOILERS for tomorrow, but they can’t leave us hanging like this, so odds are we’ll be back!

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