Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sonny?

H/T to Lyle for today’s Liveblog title.

Sami, Gabi and Kate go after Sonny. Run Sonny! But not near the river.

Meanwhile …

Yeah! Rory needs to meet JJ ASAP. Hopefully in the hot tub.

Will again tells Sami that Sonny was in the closet and heard everything that she, Gabi and Kate were saying. FLASHBACK! Will says “There’s no use denying it.”

Sami tells Will “Wait a minute. Your boyfriend was in the closet eavesdropping on us and texting everything to you? That is the most devious, underhanded thing I have ever heard, William!” Yes, Sami actually said that. Will reminds her she is the last person to be on her high horse about devious and underhanded.

Will tells Sami “I already guessed everything. I’M SMART” To prove it, he points to his head. Because that’s how smart people point out that they’re smart.

Gabi tries to explain to Sonny what happened, but he’s not hearing it.

Sami asks Will how long Sonny was in the closet, and he says “Long enough.” Flashback! Sami remembers how nervous and fidgety Sonny was.

Sami calls ElectraGranny and DynaDope and orders them to meet her immediately.

Sonny is waiting at the club, and as Hot Waiter walks by, Justin comes in. Sonny tells him he needs legal advice.

The Unholy Trio meet in the park, and Sami tells them that Sonny was hiding in the closet, and knows everything (and Gabi reveals that her convo with Sonny was just a misunderstanding … on her part). They decide to head Sonny off before he can get to Justin, and take off, while Gabi laments, “Guys, This is getting complicated.” Okay, I have to admit, this is fun.

I want to eat cookies with Michael Buble.

Adrienne has … a non Sonny storyline? She’s trying to set Jennifer up with … a hot new piece she doesn’t deserve.

Sonny asks Justin what are the legal consequences if someone overhears a conversation about a crime. Justin is concerned, and wants Sonny to to stop being vague, and tell him what’s going on. The Unholy Trio rush into the club. But are they too late?

They descend on Justin and Sonny, and peck and peck until Justin runs away. In a hilarious scene, the ladies sit next to Sonny and he says “So … surprise party?” Sami tells him ’You can’t tell anyone,” and Sonny responds “Not even the guests?” I Love Snarky In The Face Of Danger Sonny! Sami asks him if he was about to tell Justin, and he says “About you killing Nick?” and he’s immediately pelted with a chorus of shhhh’s. Kate tells him “We need to go to someplace private to discuss this,” and Sonny says “I’m not going anywhere with you three.” Kate tells him “Sonny, you’re not in any danger with us,” … said the spider to the adorable fly.

Back at the apartment, Angry Sonny confronts the ladies, and accuses them of killing Nick in cold blood. They try to explain that it was self-defense, but Sonny knows what he heard, and Gabi hitting Nick with the rock was self-defense, but pushing him into the river when he was still alive was not. He pulls out his phone and tells Sami to call the police. Or he will.

Gabi tries to explain that Nick was about to rape her, and Sonny’s stance softens a bit, but he still doesn’t understand how it escalated, and Nick ended up alive, and then dead, in the river. Kate tells him it was all just a horrible chain of events and a terrible mistake and does he really want to see the three of them in prison for the rest of their lives?

Sonny tells them “I don’t keep secrets from Will.” Gabi says “You know that’s not true.” They tell him to think about what this would do to Ari, never seeing her mother or grandmother again. Sami then gestures to Kate and says “Or great-grandmother.” And he needs to keep this Will, who already carries so much guilt. “This might drive him over the edge.” Sami tells him “Just think about that innocent sweet baby.” Um … Will or Ari?

Sonny gets a call from Justin, and the ladies beg him not to say anything. He takes the call, and tells Justin “I want to tell you everything.”

And he was never seen or heard from again.

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