Liveblogging “Days of Our Lives:” The Voice Of Reason

Saint Sonny tries to make amends with Gabi. I hope he’s carrying industrial strength GACK ATTACK.

Oh goodie, and this means more … GABI FACES.

Eric has another Searing Flashback. Hey, shouldn’t he be drenched in sweat? Dammit.

The Lame Duck Version Of Will asks Sonny if his dad called. Sonny tells him yeah, and jury selection went about as badly as he expected. Will is feeling guilty about tearing into Gabi, and Sonny tells him “Please, if anything you let her off too easy. She should know better than to let Nick anywhere near your kid.”

Brady (who’s wearing a terrible shirt that should be ripped off him immediately. Meaning, any shirt … No seriously, this is the gaudiest dayglo monstrosity I’ve ever seen. It’s like “Miami Vice On Safari”) proposes to Kristen with a ring and caligraphy from the community center crafts booth.

Sonny has lost his modified Blaine Anderson hair, and is back to being adorably tousled. He asks Will “Do you really want a man who called me a faggot playing with your kid?” He knows that Nick is trying to change, but can they really forget everything he’s done. Will tells him that “If a bigot is trying to change, and everyone keeps treating him like dirt, where is his motivation to change?” Sonny tells Will “You’re a better man than me,” and Will says, “No you are,” and then they agree to try and make peace. Oh shut up, both of you.

Sorry, Brady, I vote you and your crippling shirt off the island.

Kristen tells Brady yes, and in a hilarious moment, Brady tells her to keep saying yes, and then asks “Do you love my shirt?”

As much as Alison Sweeney has been knocking this out of this park, I am glad this storyline is wrapping up soon. I’m done with it.

WHOA! Nick comes into the pub right behind Will and tells him he wants to talk to him. Will says “I’m here to see how my grandma is doing,” and TOM THE HOT WAITER tells him that Caroline is resting. Who the hell is TOM THE HOT WAITER, and when can we see him again?

Sonny apologizes to Gabi and tells her “I crossed the line,” and then they reminisce about the night that Ari was born. Well thank you for planting the image of Sonny’s Shirt back in my mind.

Will tells Nick he’s sorry for everything that happened to him in prison, and he wishes him well and gets help, but “When I saw you holding my daughter, I absolutely hated that. People need to give you a chance to redeem yourself, but it’s not going to be me who does it. What happened to you in prison is something you’re going to have to live with everyday. But do you know what I have to live with every day? I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed of what I let you do to me.” Wow. That was a great Will scene.

Will tells Nick he can never forget what Nick did to him and his loved ones, and he will never approve of him being near his daughter. Meanwhile, Sonnny and Gabi are giggling together when she decides to put Ari down for a nap. She’ll need her blue bunny when she wakes up, so Sonny searches the apartment for it. He doesn’t find it, but he does find NICK’S OPENED CONDOM WRAPPER. He holds it up as Gabi comes back in the room.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back Tuesday!

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