Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” The Walls Have Adorable Ears

Sonny learns why the closet is an awful place.

Will and Sonny are all giddy with delight about their plan. Well, Sonny is. He overhead Gabi tell Sami and Kate that the guys would be gone, and it was the perfect time to come over and talk about it. Will says “My surprise birthday party.” Well, considering he was born in November (h/t marybee50), that is one hell of a surprise. Or maybe The Unholy Trio just want to get a head start on next year’s party.

Sonny smiles and says “Don’t worry, I will get to the bottom of their dirty little secret.” Careful what you wish for.

Will tells Sonny that his mom has always wanted to throw a surprise birthday party for him. He says “What i need you to do, MY LOVE, is find out what they’re planning.” Aww. My Love? Well, it’s better than dude, pal, buddy, or Bro.

Sonny says not to worry, because he has a plan. Could it involve the closet that was just intrusively displayed on screen?

What the hell is Nicole wearing? It looks a uniform from Mass Effect.

Gay Doctor Plumber tells Civilian Hottie that there are tests to discover if Kristen used a masking agent after she drugged him.

Oh JJ. When Theresa walks over to grab her purse to give him money for week, he grabs her phone and deletes the video. “Nya-Nya! It’s over, ha-ha, I won”. What are the odds that was the only copy, JJ?

Aww! Tad is working at the club, wearing a bright green shirt that I hope is just for Christmas, and mentions Gabi, and how Nick didn’t deserve her. Will smiles and says “Do you have a crush on her?”

Kate and Sami arrive at the apartment, and now we come to Sonny’s big plan, which involves … pretending to leave by slamming the front door and then rushing to hide in the closet. And it worked.

Poor JJ. He’s a minnow in a tank of sharks.

The hottest Brady is drug-addled Brady. Scratch that. The hottest Brady is shirtless drug-addled Brady. Make it happen, show.

Will texts Sonny, and the texts show up as bubbles on the screen. “What’s happening Sonny?” “Only for you would I go back in the closet!!!!” Yes, he used FOUR exclamation points.

“Are you telling me you’re hiding in the closet?” “Lol! Yes!!!!!!” “I seriously love you.”

“I think Gabi is upset about Nick, and turning down the modeling job in New York” Gabi is whining to Sami, and mentions” how hard it is to keep this secret with Will and Sonny here all the time. Sonny smiled and texts “I think this is it. They’re about to talk about the party.”

Rory and Not Theresa meet JJ in Town Square. He wants to buy some of their stash. Rory is upset that he just wants to buy from them and not PARTY NAKED.

Adrienne meets Will at the club, and tells him she cleared the air with Sami. She was so wrong about him and Sonny, and can see that the two of them are happy. Will gets another text from Sonny and mentions that they’re playing a little trick on Sami.

Sonny texts “Your Mom and Kate think Gabi will spill……..if they only knew! LOL!!!;-)

OMG. Shirtless … Sweaty … Hairy … Civilian Hottie in a hospital bed.

In a hilarious moment, Sami and Kate orgasm over Sonny’s cooking, and talk about what a sweet person he is, and how lucky Will is. Sony hears it, of course, and smiles broadly. Aww! He texts Will “Your mom and Grandma Kate are seriously incredible women.”

Shirtless Hottie, Rory, Tad, Adrienne, and Will and Sonny actually DOING something. This is by far the best episode in a long time.

Ha! Brady and JJ are both in the park waiting for their drug connection.

Here we go! Gabi, Sami, and kate are talking, and Sonny is waiting to text the secret to Will. Gabi says “I’m just afraid someone is going to find out that we murdered Nick.” Sonny goes pale, as he gets a “Tell Me What’s happening!” text from Will. Sonny goes even more plae, and does a silent “Hummana Hummana Hummana” in the closet.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. That was entertaining. We’ll be back tomorrow!

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