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Sonny lays down the law to his mother. Will she accept Wabianna? Join us for the fun at 1 PM ET!

Well, one day in, and it’s a already obvious that Will and Sonny are loving their new living arrangement.

Eric is having SEARING B&W flashbacks. If history teaches us anything, it means … He’ll soon come out of the closet.

Adrienne is raging to Jennifer about Sami, and how she can’t believe that Justin took her case. “Within months, I guarantee that woman will fix it so my son’s heart is broken again.”

Will is holding the baby while Sonny tells him that he was zonked out on painkillers, and didn’t hear that Arianna woke up every two hours. Apparently, Sonny sang lullabies, which I am insisting that this show prove happened. Lucas drops by to hold his granddaughter.

Daniel tries to talk to Eric, who’s having hallucinations. I was hoping he’d see Nicole’s head on Daniel’s body, and try to kiss him, or at least see Daniel’s head as a juicy hamburger, ala Looney Tunes, and try to eat Daniel’s face.

Jennifer defends Will and Sonny’s relationship (I hope whatserface got overtime for this), but Adrienne goes off, saying Will is a liar, just like his mother, and she brings up the wedding fiasco and Nick and Gabi. Meanwhile, Abigail is listening in the next room.

Lucas wants to know the real story behind Sami and the shooting. Somehow he just … knows … there’s more to the story. Will and Sonny feign stupidity, and Lucas asks where Gabi is. They tell him that Gabi had to make up a test at school, but she expressed milk for the baby, and they have burp cloths, and diapers, wipes, and everything else they need. Lucas has a better idea. Why don’t they take off together to spend some time alone, and he’ll babysit for a while. After they’re gone, he tells Arianna she reminds him of Sami. Well, let’s see … she has a piercing scream, she has to make everything about her, and she belches and pukes when she drinks too much. Yep … I can see it.

Will and Sonny are sharing a cup of ice cream and Sonny mentions how different it was this time when Justin visited the apartment than the last time, when Justin interrupted their post-silly string grappling, and how wonderful it is now that all of their parents are on board. Adrienne walks into view, and Will grimaces. Sonny sees her, see the expression on Will’s face, and asks “What did my mother do now?”

Adrienne walks up, and Sonny tells her “I know what you said to Will.” Wait, did I miss a scene? Oh wait, he was just playing her. She admits that she told Will to walk away, then realizes that Will never said anything to Sonny about their conversation. That doesn’t stop her from beginning a new rant. “Well, obviously Will never said anything because he knew it was all going to come out eventually and taking the high road would make me look bad.” Will correctly suggests to her that she’s embarrassing herself, and walks away. Sonny follows, but Adrienne stops him to rage some more. Sonny tells her, “If you are going to make me choose between you and Will, it’s going to be a very easy decision.”

Adrienne calls Sonny and leaves a message, telling him she loves and supports him, and she’ll try harder. Meanwhile, Will and Sonny talk in the park about why Will didn’t tell Sonny about his conversation with Adrienne. Will said that maybe she had a point about his family, and all the drama. Sonny dismisses it, and makes Will promise that he will never tell Arianna that she can’t fall in love with someone. Will agrees, and the two share a sweet kiss.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back Friday.

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