Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” When The Ball Drops

Can Sonny talk Will into coming back before the stroke of midnight? Enjoy Chandler’s penultimate episode.

EJ is snapping at Kate, telling her that the cleaners are coming, and her boots are made for burning.

Will is in the park with Ari, and tells her that things may be crazy, but he’s going to do whatever he can to protect her, because she’s the most important person in her life. Sonny walks up and tells Will that they’re on the same page. When he found out what happened to Nick, he had two choices, and he chose to protect Ari.

Kate is aghast that her $2000 shoes are going to be cremated, but finally is at peace with it. Gabi gets a text from Sonny telling her that he found Will. The Unholy Three start cackling, but EJ stops them from running out after him.

Sonny FINALLY explains to Will the whole Nick situation, and how he followed Gabi into the woods and threw her down and started attacking her, which is why she grabbed a rock and hit him. Will understands that part … but Sony doesn’t tell him that one nagging little detail … about Nick waking up after being dumped in the river.

Anne just called Jennifer a bitch. Happy New Year to me!

Tad calls from the club. Poor boy is frantic. He’s all alone there … on New Year’s Eve, and wants to know where the hell Will and Sonny are. Meanwhile, Will apologizes and tells Sonny this is just one more family drama he’s gotten roped into. Sonny says “Remember, my last name is Kiriakis, so there may a time when I’m apologizing to you.” Hey, I would love to see the tables turned, and have some Kiriakis drama for a change.

Tad needs help NOW! Sami grabs EJ’s hand and they take off. Oh please tell me EJ is going to be slinging drinks tonight.

Yes, EJ is going to sling drinks tonight. Apron EJ is the hottest EJ.

Eric, Daniel and Brady are representing the Three Stages Of Scruff.

Will and Sonny come back, with Will especially pink-faced suddenly. Did they have hallway sex? Will tells Gabi and Kate that everything is good now. Sonny suddenly realizes that it’s New year’s Eve, and Tad needs help, so he and Will rush off to the club.

EJ just gave us the best ass shot he’s ever given us.

Brady is quickly going through all the stages … first anger, then sorrow, then acceptance, and now he’s apologizing to everyone.

Will and Sonny arrive, and Sami rushes over to Will and apologizes. He softly says “It’s okay,” and she collapses into his arms, reeking of booze and Jean Nate’. Sadly, the exact same thing has happened every New Year’s Eve since Will was 10.

They reminisce about 2013, and pick out the two highlights – The birth of Ari, and the fact that Sami isn’t in prison.

Oh jeez … Will and Sonny talk about 2014, and how it will be great as long as they’re together. Little did Chandler know he’d be escorted off the set in a couple of days.

The New Year fireworks start, and the ball drops, with couples cheek kissing, but amazingly, Sonny and Will get the only real kiss! Twice!

That’s it! Thanks for joiningme. We’ll be back Thursday for CHANDLER’S LAST DAY.

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