Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” With Friends Like This

We meet Sonny’s old “party pal” Brent … will he fill Sonny’s head with doubts? Join us for the interloper at 1 PM ET!

Gabi is folding baby clothes when she gets a text to meet Nick in the park. She asks Ari “Where are daddy and Sonny?” And so it begins. Apparently, they’re supposed to be at her beckon call.

Nick is in the pub when … Hey, it’s Vargas! Finally. Nick reminds him about going into business together. Wait a minute. Wasn’t Nick afraid Vargas was going to cut his throat just a few weeks ago? Kate comes in and noses around. Vargas explains that the two of them were cell mates. Kate’s eyes narrow.

Adrienne is wandering through town square and runs into Sonny, who is fortunately still wearing his tight blue shirt. They hug and Sonny tells her that Will is at the baby store buying some new clothes. He wanted to get some takeout, but the cafe is closed. Adrienne says “Yeah, they closed it down because of the memorial service for the cop that Sami murde ….. oh hi Will!” Awkward. Adrienne apologizes, but Will is too busy checking out the text message he just got from Justin. The grand jury is not indicting Sami. Adrienne says “What? Are you kidding me?” Oh Adrienne, you seriously need to work on your “I’ll pretend to be supportive”

Gabi is pissed that the guys aren’t back yet. In a hilarious moment, she texts “You were supposed to be home by now. I have an appointment. Where are you?” and she reads the entire thing out loud.

Adrienne fumbles and mumbles, and tries to apologize, and says she was just “surprised” there was no trial. Will gets the text from Gabi, and he and Sonny leave Adrienne to her fidgets. Okay, I’m taking bets on how long it will be before Adrienne discovers the video of Sami that is obviously on her phone.

Nick tells Kate that he a special formula to give her that he was working on when he was still on her payroll. She says “what’s the catch,” and he tells her he’s just trying to do what’s right and make amends. She asks if he’s doing the same with Vargas, and when he tells her that Vargas is none of her business, she says, “Why, did HE rape you, too?” OMG Kate. That was … uncalled for.

The guys arrive home to the battleax, and she reams them out for being late, and she has to go, and the booby milk is in the fridge, and she thought the three of them were in this together, and … oh, just go!

Kate apologizes for her rape crack, but Nick is shaken and leaves. Meanwhile, the guys are are talking about Gabi being a shrew. Will says he sorta sees her point. You know, Will has a bad habit of seeing other people’s points. They decide to order in, but Will discovers that his credit card is gone. He must have left it at the baby store. He decides to leave to retrieve it , and he’ll pick up some food on the way back. That leaves Sonny home with the baby …the perfect time for an …. INTERLOPER! to come calling.

Sonny is vacuuming while wearing Ari in a baby-chest-carrying-thing, and SOMEONE NEEDS TO MAKE A GIF OF THIS NOW! The doorbell rings, and it’s party pal Brent, who’s back in town and wanted to see for himself what Sonny put on Facebook. Is it really true that he’s with Will Horton. He looks at the baby Sonny is holding, and asks “Is that a baby in there?” No, it’s a f*cking salami, dipshit. He tells Sonny, “Are you insane?”

In a scene worthy of an 80’s sitcom, Kristen and EJ have identical tablets, and EJ accidentally picks up Kristen’s by mistake. Sami is ready to show Eric what’s on it, and tells him, “This is going to change the whole way you see yourself.”

Nick tells Gabi that too much has happened, and he doesn’t think they should stay married. Sonny is beaming broadly while holding the baby, but Brent is concerned. He says, “Doesn’t bother you, that she’s not yours?” Sonny says he feels like she’s his, and Brent asks if the mother is still in the picture. He looks around and sees the booby milk and frilly unmentionables, and says, “She’s living here, isn’t she? So the baby and the mother are a package deal? Dude, that cannot be what you want”

Nick wants an annulment, and Gabi reluctantly agrees. Nick tells her “Maybe someday we can try again, but I’ll always have a Heart On for you.”

Brent is holding the baby, and Sonny explains that this is what he wants. He loves Will and is ready to spend the rest of his life with him, the baby, and the baggage. Brent asks him about all the plans he had to travel the world, and if he’s sure he’s ready to be tied down for the rest of his life with this situation. Of course, Will has arrived, and hears the entire conversation through the door, which apparently is made of tissue paper.

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