Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” Writer’s Block

As in C*ck Block. Will is leaving for California. Can he and Sonny have farewell sex?


Cameron and Chad are arguing over Abigail. She’s finally had enough, and pulls out a coin, saying “Heads, I’m Cameron’s, Tails, I’m Chad’s.” Considering the condition he’s in, I’m sure Chad would be better suited for head.

Will is leaving the pub when he runs into a horrifyingly chipper Nick, who says “I guess congratulations are in order!”

Eric is angry with Brady, and want to discuss the situation with the two of them and Nicole. Brady says, “Fine, we’ll flip for her, but you know I love tails.”

Nick and Will have a hilarious passive-aggressive conversation.

“Look, I know you’re not my biggest fan these days, and I get that. But I thought we could set all that aside for a moment. Listen, getting in to that writing program at Berkley is a very big deal, and I just want to tell you how happy I am for you.”
“Thank you. How did you find out?”
“From Kate. I’m sorry, was it supposed to be a secret?”
“Oh no, I’m just surprised you know, because not a lot of people know.”
“You know what, I think you were worried that I found out from Gabi.”
“Am I picking up on that?”
“Have you seen her recently?”
“Yeah, I just ran into her. Am I allowed to do that?”
“Yeah, sure. As long as you remember that she’s over you completely and moved on.”

Oh boys … just take out the ruler and get it over with. No seriously, do it. Please.

We get Bonus Sonny today! He’s upset that Gabi has dressed up Ari as a pumpkin, because it’s totally boring and brings shame to Will as a gay dad. Gabi nixed Sonny’s idea of Margaret Thatcher. I loathe Gabi.

Gabi tells Sonny “you can’t dress a half-hispanic baby as Margaret Thatcher.” Sonny points out the irony, but Gabi doesn’t understand how wrinkled clothes have to do with anything.

Meanwhile, Ciara is dressed up as Orphan.

Nick says “I just want to congratulate my cousin.” Will accuses him of “pulling the cousin card” a lot, and tells Nick “You’ve taken advantage of Gabi twice” when she was vulnerable, and Nick responds “You should know, and you have a baby to prove it.” Will won’t apologize for feeling protective of Gabi, and Nick says he hopes someday he’ll realize that Gabi doesn’t need to be protected.

Actually … it was hilarious.

Will finally shows up at the hospital party, and he, Sonny, Gabi and Hope have a nice moment as they observe Ciara zeroing in on her next victim. Hope ends up tossing popcorn at Sonny. I really hope Sonny doesn’t disappear with Will’s absence.

Will and Sonny bring some pumpkin shaped blob to Chad, and he tells them that he and Abby broke up. He asks to hold the baby. Either today or tomorrow is Casey Deidrick’s last day, and it’s obvious they’re letting him have an emotional goodbye.

Sami is saying her goodbye to Will, and surprise, is making it about her. Sonny interrupts and tells Will they have to get going. They then have a conversation about Grandma Sami, which she has nixed. So what should she be called? Sonny suggests nanny or boobalah, but they settle on Grammy Sami.

Will says goodbye, as does Chad, but one won’t be coming back. Goodbye, Casey. Your hotness and hair will be missed.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back next week.

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