Liveblogging “Make Me a Supermodel” Reunion Special: Bronnie Answer The Burning Que(er)stions

The walking toothpicks of Make Me a Supermodel reunite tonight but will it be a lovely-dovey gathering like on Project Runway or a knock down catfight like those heinous Real World/Road Rules reunions? Aside from the occasional battle of the sexes and Prison Ben’s impersonation of a homophobe this show has managed to remain pretty hatred free so I’m expecting cuddles and kisses instead of hair pulling and chair throwing. I guess that’s a good thing…

It’s been one hell of a season and I’m so glad to have played host to all of your comments so let’s not disappoint tonight. Even though there’s no catwalk competition or photo assignment, it doesn’t mean we can’t be Mean Girls and dish the dirt on the models we’ve grown to love and loathe over the last 12 weeks.

I don’t know about you but I’ve switched faves more than BritBrit’s switched personalities (her personal best being that receptionist gig at the tattoo removal office) and I’ve gone from Dom to Shannon to Ronnie to Perry all the way to Holly for the win.

I’ve made my love for Perry and Holly well known over the last couple episodes and as much as I want to cheer on our gay fave Ronnie Kroell, I just don’t see him as a high fashion model. Sure he’s adorable, sweet, and determined to win but my heart and my keen catwalk censors tell me Perry and Holly have it in the bag.

None of this matters because tonight it’s all about looking back on the last 12 weeks (and barely hearing from wallflowers like Dom, Katy or Jay) and praising our Final 4 Models: Ronnie, Prison Ben, Perry and Holly.

The Make Me a Supermodel Reunion Special liveblog begins now…


11:15PM EST: Is anyone disappointed in the reunion show? While I was watching it I truly enjoyed the clips, the questions, the comments, but I wonder if there was more they could have done with the show.

Overall I feel that The Cohenator hit all the questions I wanted answered. He pressed the bromance angle and how it could impact Ben’s marriage. He asked Ben about how the Prison Guards will view him when he returns home. He asked about Perry being in a love triangle with Britney Spears. They showed clips of the models backstabbing and trash-talking each other and gave everyone a chance to respond. Niki and Tyson got into it a little bit over favorites and called into question Tyson’s love for Perry. I see nothing wrong with anything I just mentioned.

Next week is the finale and either Prison Ben, Ronnie, Perry or Holly will be told that they’ve been made into a Supermodel. I’m wet with anticipation or is it because we’ll get to meet each model’s better half before the announcement? Let the drama begin! See you next Thursday night at 10PM EST.

10:59PM EST: Show of hands for who should win and I’d like to pat myself on the back because my Top 2 are their Top 2. Holly and Perry all the way. It’s funny that Ronnie brings up the difference between "should" and "will" win. I think that the Judges would go with either Perry or Holly but America will possibly go with BRONNIE.

The Cohenator asks who amongst the Top 4 shouldn’t be there and no one answered honestly except for Shannon, who was speaking nothing but the truth. Holly and Perry were the most consistent over the last 12 weeks while Ben and Ronnie were consistently in the Bottom 3.

Niki and Tyson gave their final thoughts and is it me or is Niki coming across as a little cold? Tyson is out there as a mentor and cheer-tator but she can only give the same sentiments after Tyson did. I hope she’s personable and into this because I really enjoyed her this season and I’d hate to find out that she’s some cold shrew to the models.


10:54PM EST: Watching the Judges tear the models apart is the highlight of the night for me so far. They have been brutally honest and hardcore during deliberations. Compiling them really accentuates how hard they pressed Ben and Perry. Again, something that Top Model has not been able to pull of since Janice Dickinson left a million years ago.

Hey Hey Hey, Claymazing is in the house! Give this man a spot on The Biggest Loser (my other favorite reality show of the moment). I’d kill to see Clay and Jillian go at it.

10:52PM EST: Thanks for being patient with my delay tonight. It’s left me a little manic in my commentary but hopefully there’s still some entertainment value here. *hangs head in shame*


10:50PM EST: Jennifer Starr and Cory Bautista have joined Niki and TyTy. Jennifer agrees with Ms. Taylor that Ronnie has evolved most and Cory’s on that chuckwagon as well.

Jennifer Starr is fantabulous and I heart that she’s giving the difference between "Model" pretty and "Girlfriend" pretty.

ROTFL – The blogs are calling Cory a bear and Starr has no idea what that means! Genius.


10:45PM EST: Ronnie has been called out as the house whore, having kissed everyone in the house (almost). This is obviously the beginning of a raunchy relationship montage. Can you imagine the pain and drama this show has caused for the folks that are in relationships on the show?

Obviously Prison Ben’s wife has been in the bath with a hairdryer after each episode but I forgot about Holly’s fiance. Which blows my mind because that fiance of hers is a hot piece.

I’m surprised it took 40+ minutes to get to the Perry/Adnan/Britney drama.

Why is Andy Cohen asking harder questions than Katie Couric can muster in most of her interviews? He’s like Degrassi — he goes there!

Whah, Aryn’s whining about people talking crap on blogs about her. Any press is good press honey. If anyone has reason to complain it’s Jay and Katy who lost their significant others after coming home from the show. Nothing can turn that frown upside down like announcing you’re single on national television and watching the offers pour in.

Here’s a touchy moment… Ben vows that he’s moving to NYC and it sounds like it’s with or without the wife. Someone get to her bathroom and quick. This poor girl. She had no idea what she was letting him get into. Ugh, I feel for her. Hopefully he’ll be crying on her shoulder and back at that Prison in another week and they can work it out.

10:35PM EST: The trash-talkin’! They’re not showing enough of the model reactions to the verbal diarrhea they’re spewing about each other. Perry seems to be the only one surprised, but I think that’s because the Final 4 have yet to see the footage that’s aired.

Dom, sit down… no one remembers you or your Night of the Living Dead catwalk.

I wish they would have stayed on the tension between Niki and Tyson over favoritism, boundaries, and how to host the show.

Wow, Ronnie’s laugh while watching Tyson imitate his catwalk was not cute. See, this is why Models are supposed to be silent. Love ya Ronnie but not the laugh so much.


10:30PM EST: Yes, I can fast forward through the tone deaf and talentless Serenade flashback. This is worse than the first month of Idol.

Yes, we’re getting to the Boys vs.Girls portion of the show. Raise your hand if you’re surprised that Shannon is leading the charge?

Wow, Niki just gave the girls a bitch-slap. She thinks that the guys have outlasted the girls because they didn’t listen and learn as well as the boys did. Could that be because of Tyson’s increased screen time?

Wait, I know Niki didn’t just call Tyson out for playing favorites. Please… (see above)

10:25PM EST: And we’re back… TyTy thinks that Ben has improved the most and called him heavy during the castings. Heavy? Really? Like Prison Ben is Divine?

Niki’s so sweet on Ronnie that it’s borderline stalkerish. Tyra Banks’ stalker could learn a thing or two.

Back to Tyson and his man-crushes. This time all of his love is for Perry and before making model babies together they’re going to have a date on the beach. Gag me (that’s what he said).


10:20PM EST: Alright, apparently Number Five is not alive because I just had some harsh technical difficulties and I’m speed watching now. I’m catching up, be kind…


10:15PM EST: Ah, one of the shows finest moments… Cassie and Perry all S&M’ing each other. Good gay times. I love how Perry and Casey wonder why people feel the need to ask if either of the boys are bi. It couldn’t have anything to do with the nipple biting or dry humping, nah that’s not it!


10:12PM EST: Why does Aryn look more like Abby from Dawson’s Creek than she did in the beginning of the show? Pre-lip job that is. They’re showing eliminations reactions and seriously Stephanie looks like the angriest woman on earth. If they keep flashing on Niki, watch her hair and how it goes from blonde to blonder.

Dom, "The Mayor of Excuses Village" – is that on his driver’s license?

Sarah, I barely remember her. She looks like a Mom not a Model. Why am I not surprised I don’t remember her?

Jacki is striking and I’m actually sad she got sent home as early as she did.

Time for the Final 4! Prison Ben is looking hunky hunkster but Perry looks like he should be working on tractors. Ronnie, the fan fave. Those kids love them some Ronnie. Aw, my girl Holly! I wonder if she had her some Squirrel before the show tonight?

The Bromance! Dom is the first to address that their relationship carried them in the competition. Ya think? The public worships these boys and I love that the other models had to answer questions from their friends and family about Bronnie! That’s hot.

Andy’s going there. Ben’s denounced anyone from his Jail job that is going to hold their relationship against him after the show. That’s cute.

When asked if Ronnie is still in l-o-v-e with Ben he confesses that he’s moved on.

Kinky Kissing Question: Would Ben make out with Ronnie if the assignment called for it? He’s down with it, just no tongue.

News Alert: The BRONNIE Shirts are available at!

They so weren’t yesterday, I checked.

10:00PM EST: Can I just say how great Andy Cohen has become at hosting these reunion specials? I remember how stiff he was in the beginning but now, he’s got character, spunk and style. Loving him.


9:45PM EST:
How long before Bronnie is talked about as the centerpiece of the show? Will Ben’s Wife be on hand to ask a couple questions of her own… Bronnie you’ve got some ’splainin’ to do! Will the Judges or the NY Board of Health be able to explain the mysterious illness that plagued the girls in the loft all season? Who’s the first person to give Perry attitude or better yet which girl will be the first to slap his fine face? Place your bets!

While you wait, check out this interview with Ronnie from The Chicago Tribune’s Red Eye. See you at 10!