Liveblogging “The Daytime Emmy Awards”

Tune to HLN and join us at 8 PM ET as we liveblog the best in Daytime TV. Will Freddie Smith take home his first Emmy? Or will Chandler Massey take home his second prize? And can anything top his reaction from last year, which was milked the hell out of for weeks after? We can only hope!


Rachael Ray is wearing a diamond necklace pointing directly to her Décolletage … in case you miss it.

Kathy Griffin is overwhelming A.J. Hammer. it’s not difficult. Anyone else remember A.J. from his VH-1 days? Of course, this is how I remember A.J. the best … in a tub of bubbles with Debbie Gibson.

A.J. is interviewing Kris Jenner. I’m patiently waiting for the day when someone will reach over and rip the mask off, revealing what we all know deep in our hearts to be the truth. She’s Pennywise.


Robin Meade is wearing a castoff breastplate from Game Of Thrones.

Sam Champion tells an awful George Lucas “American Graffiti” joke, and the camera cuts to George, who is wondering what the f*ck he’s doing here.

The first award is presented by Freddie, Chandler, and the two other guys nominated for Younger Actor. Freddie has stubble! And Chandler still has his post-shooting hospital scruff.

The Award is for Lead Actor. It goes to Doug Davidson, who wins his first Emmy for Young & The Restless, after starring on the show for 35 years. He tells the Chandler & company “My tux is older than you.”

YIKES! This idea of having Sheryl Underwood interview the winners on a tacky couch DIRECTLY AFTER THEIR WIN is already CRINGE-INDUCING. You can tell Doug just wants to get the hell out of there.

Todd Newton is presenting Game Show and Host. Price Is Right wins. Game Show Host is Ben Bailey, who wins his fourth Emmy. Billy Eichner loses, so the gay haul so far is …. 0.

Okay, so far the highlight (beside Chandler and Freddie) is Alex Trebek pushing a Twink into a pool.

The ladies from Bizarro World ’The View’ aka The Talk present Informative Talk Show, and the faboo Aisha Tyler opens the envelope, and reveals … that it’s the wrong envelope! I think to liven things up, she should have just announced the name, and they should do that for every category. The winner is The Dr. Oz Show.

Nancy Lee Grahn and Don Diamont present Supporting Actor, and it’s a tie. Billy Miller and Scott Clifton, who will always be Schuyler Joplin to me.

On the bright side, hopefully Chandler or Freddie will get the chance to be awkwardly interviewed on that tacky couch. Scott and Billy are being interviewed, and for the first time, I’ve had to hit the MUTE button. We’ll see if it’s the last.

Kathy! She’s presenting Writing Team. The only soap not nominated is DOOL. Bold & The Beautiful wins.

The Monty Hall tribute. Sadly, he leaves through curtain #3, and is never seen again.

Freddie at the nominee party.

Supporting Actress goes to Julie Berman, and not Arianne Zucker who deserved it. NiCoco™ will not be pleased.

The somehow employed Betheny Frankel presents Culinary Program. IT’A A TIE. Okay, if the Daytime Emmys are known for anything, it’s an abundance of ties. The winners are Best Thing I Ever Ate and Trisha’s Southern Kitchen. I’m going to have to trust that these shows actually exist.

Culinary Host is someone who is not Ina Garten. Her gays will be pissed.

Lead Actress! Heather Thom wins again. She gives an annoying Taylor Swift surprise face.

The Jeanne Cooper memorial. Corbin Bernsen says SHIT, and it escapes the censors. And he says FU*K, and THAT escapes the censors. Who the hell is on the seven second delay button? Wake them up! I had to hit mute for the second time.

Il Volo (which I think translates as “Tragic Hair”) perform the In Memoriam song.

Talk Show! Ellen Degeneres Show wins. Score one for the gays!

Directing team. B&B wins. I don’t think Dool has won a thing. BTW, this may shock you, but last week the technical Emmys were announced, and Dool lost the Emmy for … Wardrobe.

Carrie Fisher gets a standing ovation. Star Wars wins for Animated Program. I’m calling Bullshit. There’s no way George Lucas would show up if he didn’t know he was going to win.

There is four minutes left. I have a feeling the show is going to go long.


He thanks Freddie profusely. Okay, this made the long slog completely worth it. CONGRATS, CHANDLER.

HEY, WAIT A MINUTE! Chandler doesn’t get an interview! Grrr …

Morning Program. CBS Sunday Morning. Wait, there’s a morning program on Sunday? Who knew.

This show is going to run a half hour long. Is it self-directed?

Kristen Alderson wins Younger Actress. I wonder if anyone else has ever won for playing a character that started on one soap and moved to another?

Pennywise presents Talk Show Host. Ricki Lake! Whoa! She’s not there, and a huge murmur goes through the audience.

Erika Slezak presents Drama. HOLY CRAP! DOOL wins! This was unexpected. Everyone is rushing the stage. Freddie is there! Blake is there! The entire cast is on stage. This is wonderful.

That’s it. Thanks for joining me!

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