Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” The Christening, Part One

The terror begins.

Oh, and you’re welcome.


Abigail enters the church carrying a tray of SINFUL DOUGHNUTS. How do i know? None are … wait for it … Holy. She removes her coat revealing a mustard monstrosity.

Sonny and Gabi are at the kitchen table being upstaged by fruit in a bizarre wire bowl. Where would the grapes go?

They’re discussing the Nick situation, and everything they’ve needed to do to cover their tracks. Will comes home and mentions that Eric is doing fine (no word on his testicle dampness), and may even be able to conduct the christening. But there is a problem … Julie is going all Jessica Fletcher around town.

EJ and his tiny teacup question Stefano about Doctor Doom. Meanwhile, Julie needs a damn hobby. She’s adamant that whoever has been texting as Nick isn’t really Nick, and she’s going to get to the bottom of it.

JJ invites Not Theresa over. I love that JJ thinks he can form plans and stuff. He’s adorable when he’s in over his head. Which is always.

Gabi (who is one shawl away from being every girl i’ve seen at a Stevie Nicks concert) is concerned that she’s going to be interrogated at the christening, but Will and Sonny assure her that today is all about Arianna. And Sami, of course.

Wait … seriously … Is Gabi going to the christening wearing that? It’s a christening, not the lanyard booth at the renaissance fair. When she leaves, Will and Sonny breathe a sigh of relief and kiss.

Daniel Cosgrove! He makes his debut, and damn, damn, damn … he’s here for Hope. That SHOOTS MY THEORY DOWN. Oh well. He comes in snarky with a bad attitude. Yep, he’s still got Reid Oliver’s heart inside him.

Ciara has been harassing his son Chase. Hope insists that’s not possible, but Pa Walton comes in and tells her “Actually, it is true.” Well, duh.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. I certainly hope the guys have more than two scenes tomorrow.

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