Livebogging “Days Of Our Lives” Surprise!

Does Gabi suspect that Sonny knows the truth? And what happens when Will grills his mother?

When you get a chance, head over to our IN MEMORIAM and pay your final respects to a couple of DOOL dearly departed.

Hey Will, what was your reaction the first time you saw Sonny naked?

Nicole tells Eric that she’s moved on … with Daniel. Oh honey, you’re too vivacious to become an ersatz Jennifer.

Sonny walks in to the pub as he leaves another message for Justin to call him ASAP. Hope overhears, and asks if anything is wrong. FLASHBACK!

Ciara shows Ally the earring that Theo gave her. “Look what I got … from a boy.” Ally looks jealous. Are they giving us a preview of what to expect with these characters in ten years? Or if SORAS’d … next month.

Abigail comes over to see Will and Ari “JJ and i baked about 20 dozen cookies.” JJ baked them? Um, Will, you’d better not have anywhere to drive if you eat those.

Gabi visits Rafe’s new apartment, carrying a potted plant, which she promptly drops on the floor, smashing it to pieces, when the mysterious figure turns around and it’s … Bloody Nick. ho hum. Jeez, you’d think she’d be used to it by now.

Hope can tells there’s something wrong with Sonny, and asks if he needs any legal advice. Flashback!

Hey, that’s not Nick! it’s just Rafe’s cute new physical therapist. RAWR!

Abby can’t believe “My bratty cousin Will is a dad.” They talk about how last Christmas was so much different thanks to Evil Nick. Meanwhile, Rafe and Gabi talk about Evil Nick. Do I sense a pattern here?

Hope and Sonny talk about parenthood, and how hard it is to raise kids. “First they’re two, then before you know it they’re ten, then before you know it, they’re accepting $30,000 earrings from smitten boys.” Hope talks about surprises, and Sonny needs in agreement, as a bony hand touches his shoulder and spreads shivers down his spine. It’s the Ghost of Christmas Present! Oh wait, it’s just Sami.

I want to eat cookies with Michael Buble.

Abby tells Will how lucky he is to have Sonny, and the two of them are such great parents, and it would be tragic if a secret came between them. But what are the odds of that happening?

Sami tells Sony that she had a nice talk with Adrienne, and how Adrienne wishes that someday she’ll have a relationship with Will like Sami has with Sonny. It takes every ounce of strength for Sonny not to crawl out of his skin and escape. He tells Sami “That’s great, but i gotta go,” and runs away. Sami asks Hope if anything is wrong with him, and Hope tells her that he had to talk to Justin about something. Something BIG.

Hope comes to visit Rafe, and Rafe tells her “I was i had a nice juice homicide to work on.” Gabi is about to faint.

Sami and Ally visit Will, and after they get their script cues crossed, Sami finally asks Will if he’s seen her earring. Will says no, but Ally pipes up “Ciara has one. But it’s a secret.” Kid, you’re gonna have to learn to keep your trap shut if you’re gonna make it on this show.

Gabi runs into Sonny in town square and asks if he’s okay. FLASHBACK!

Ciara admits to sociopathic behavior, and Rafe and Hope think it’s just adorable. Sami realizes that Ciara really does have the other earring, but before she can make a hasty exit, Will tells her “I know.” OMG, Will knows that they killed Nick! Oh wait, he finishes “I know about the surprise party. Wanna see my surprise face? it’s a hoot!”

Hunky waiter alert!

Sami tells Will she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and for once, she’s right. Will … oh wow … Will tells her that Sonny was in the closet the whole time she, Gabi and Kate were “talking about the party.” Sami is stunned.

Meanwhile, Gabi asks Sonny ’You know about Nick, don’t you?”

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back tomorrow.

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