Happy 75th Birthday, Liza Minnelli!

It's her Birthday with a "B!"

The legendary Liza Minnelli turned 75 years young today. While we could just post the entire Liza With A Z special from 1972 and call it a day, we wanted to celebrate the iconic entertainer of all time in a special way.

So we’ve pick a clip from each of the past seven decades of Ms. Minnelli’s life that showcases what an extraordinary talent she is, and why we will always love her.

Liza made her film debut as a child in the 1949 film In the Good Old Summertime, opposite her mom, Judy Garland.


In 1963, 17-year-old Liza made an appearance on The Judy Garland Show, and danced and sang into our hearts.


The ’70s was peak Minnelli. Here’s a show-stopping number from the 1978 Tony Awards, where she picked up a Best Actress award for The Act.


The 1980s brought films like Arthur and Rent-a-Cop, but it’s her studio album Results that stands out as one of Liza’s best works from the decade.


Produced by the Pet Shop Boys, the record includes the single “Losing My Mind.”

Here she is in 1992 at Radio City Music Hall, slaying “Some People” from Gypsy.


From 2003, Liza in Arrested Development, showing off her comedic chops as Lucille 2.


Finally, in 2010 Liza had a cameo in Sex and the City 2, performing “Single Ladies” at a gay wedding in what may be one of the gayest moments in film history.


Love you, Liza! Here’s to many more!

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