Watch Lizzo Teach Aidy Bryant to Be 100% That Bitch on “SNL”

"Do you ever feel like you're only 90% that bitch?"

You’ve heard of the gift to mankind that is Lizzo. Now, meet Aidy Bizzo.

In a cut-for-time sketch from this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, comedian Aidy Bryant gets some personal lessons on how to be 100% that bitch from the “Truth Hurts” queen and proud LGBTQ ally herself. Leaning into her inner Lizzo, Bryant plays a very meta version of herself who uses the “Good as Hell” singer’s lyrics to feel—well, good as hell.

However, the self-love tactics take a turn for the worse when Bryant becomes a little too confident, regaling her fellow SNL hosts (and veteran comic Eddie Murphy, the NBC series’ most recent guest host) with NSFW tales of her bad-bitch romps. Bryant even name-drops Shrill, the critically acclaimed, queer-inclusive Hulu series she co-executive produced and stars in, while assuring Murphy that she can do more than just sketch comedy. (Baby, she’s the whole damn meal!)

The skit ends with a perfect one-on-one chat between Bryant and Lizzo, which Bryant uses to commiserate with the Grammy-nominated R&B singer about having “an earth-shatteringly gorgeous ass.” Ugh.

“Do you ever feel like you’re only 90% that bitch?” Bryant asks.

True to form, Lizzo answers like the confident queen she is: “No. But maybe you’re burning the ass at both ends.”

Behold the full glory of “Aidy Bizzo and Lizzo” below.

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