Lizzo Makes Kesha Feel Like a “Bad Bitch Ready to Conquer the World”

They're both raising hell.

Kesha is busy promoting her hot new single, “Raising Hell” featuring Big Freedia, but she still has time to praise her pop sisters.

The Grammy nominee recently sat down with Elle to play a round of Song Association, prompted by trigger words to speed-cover artists like Gloria Gaynor, Kelly Clarkson, and Seal. She also played Lyric Challenge with Seventeen, completing iconic lyrics by artists like Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, and Madonna.

Kesha told Billboard how much she loves Detox, but now she’s doubling down on her obsession with another queen: Lizzo.

“Lizzo’s my favorite,” she tells Seventeen. “She’s such a bad bitch. I love her. She brings the good vibes.”

“I know it’s massive and everywhere, but every time I hear it, it makes me feel like a bad bitch ready to conquer the world,” she tells Elle after rocking “Truth Hurts.” “If you put my phone on shuffle right now, it would probably be Lizzo, Cardi, Lizzo, Cardi, Lizzo, Cardi, Queen, Lizzo, Cardi.”

Kesha also sings “Jolene” in both games. “Dolly Parton is the sun to the moon in my life,” she tells Seventeen. “She’s one of the greatest performers, songwriters, and women of all time. And she’s the one who first said ‘more is more,’ and obviously I took that to heart.”

The staunch LGBTQ ally’s fourth studio album, High Road, is due out in January, two years after the release of her acclaimed comeback album, Rainbow, which was famously delayed due to her ongoing legal disputes with former producer Dr. Luke.

Watch Kesha being 100% That Bitch for Elle and Seventeen below.

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