Sundance: Our Lizzy Caplan Crush Grows

Why can't we be friends?

Lizzy Caplan, will you be our BFF? Pretty please?

Sundance is abuzz over both of Lizzy’s films in the festival this year, Save the Date and Bachelorette. The first movie is about a comic book artist/bookstore manager who is afraid of commitment. The second movie you already know about because you read every one of our posts, right? Right?

Lizzy has won us over even more in her new interview by talking about her new films, sex, cocaine and when she got high on V and slept with Ryan Kwanten.

Here are some highlights:

On how she feels about both of her movies addressing fear of commitment and marriage: Well, I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and we don’t get married there. [laughs] Not ’til way later, for the most part. I think it’s similar in New York, or maybe it’s just similar in this business. The way that I see marriage is different than the way my sister sees marriage or my brother, even though I guess they were raised in LA also, but I think there’s something about this business that you can stay sort of young and immature for longer than maybe you should. […] I probably will get married; half the time it’s a very exciting idea to me, the other half the time, it’s [like], why? Who cares? As soon as you get married, you’re closer to getting divorced.

On nice guys versus assholes: I do like the idea of the nice guy kind of getting shit on [in Save the Date], because that is what happens. I mean, he is so loving, and I know personally, in my past, if guys have been so nice to me—nice is the wrong word—anything I wanted, they treated, and put me on a pedestal and all that, I do get sort of bored with that and want to push them away. I don’t think it’s as cliché—it’s certainly not for me—as like, “I like guys who are assholes to me.” Definitely not. But that pure, sweet niceness, I don’t know, I liked seeing in a movie that that’s not really working out for him trying to get this girl […] Obviously, exceptions to every rule but the girls that I know and the girl that I was when I was 25 was not super interested in the perfect person to bring home to your dad.

On shooting coked out scenes versus sex scenes: To shoot, I think the sex scenes are actually sort of easier, especially if you have an amazing costar, and I had two in this, but especially Mark [Webber] because that’s where the real intimate ones were. I’m a big fan of shooting those. I think it’s hilarious and awesome that that’s part of my job, to simulate sex with somebody I just met in front of, like, 10 strangers. That’s so weird that I think it’s hilarious and fun. But trying to maintain a level of coked-outness is harder, I think, when you’re shooting. But then watching it—I enjoy shooting a sex scene and I hate watching them. Oh my God. Watching them with an audience—it’s just brutal. I just covered my eyes and held onto Mark’s arm the whole time. It’s so embarrassing. It sucks.

We’re sure Mark was totally embarrassed to be seen having sex with you too Lizzie. Mortifying.

You can read much, much more from this amazing interview over at GQ.

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