Log Cabin Republicans Gun For Roy Moore In New Campaign Ad

"It’s time for good Christians to do what good Christians do."

In response to multiple allegations that Roy Moore sexually harassed underage girls when he was an Alabama prosecutor, Log Cabin Republicans have released a video urging Christian voters to stand up against the U.S. Senate candidate.

“Roy Moore has spent his entire career using his bigoted brand of Christianity as a weapon to relentlessly attack members of the LGBT community, all the while allegedly preying upon the most vulnerable in our society,” says Gregory T. Angelo, president of the gay conservative group.

“Moore’s myopic faith prevents him from seeing that a significant number of LGBT individuals are devout Christians themselves, including many members of Log Cabin Republicans. Regardless of one’s sexual orientation or gender identity, it’s time for good Christians to do what good Christians do: REJECT Roy Moore.”

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The video will be supported by a targeted advertising campaign focused on Alabama.

LCR’s message comes shortly after President Trump all but endorsed Moore, asking voters not to support Moore’s “liberal” rival, Democrat Doug Jones.

Moore, who has gone on record denying the accusations of sexual misconduct, spoke last month at a Birmingham news conference where prominent religious conservatives reaffirmed their commitment to the candidate.


A vociferous opponent of LGBT rights, Moore was suspended as Chief Justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court for the second time last year because he instructed judges to continue enforcing the state’s same-sex marriage ban months after Obergefell v. Hodges.

Moore has praised Vladimir Putin’s views on homosexuality, which he’s compared to bestiality, and claimed Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg should be impeached for ruling on marriage equality after officiating a same-sex wedding. He was also removed from a 1996 custody case after he denied visitation rights to the children’s mother because she was a lesbian.

During a news conference earlier this month, Moore reportedly said, “The transgenders don’t have rights.”

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Moore and Jones are set to face off December 12 in a special election to fill the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he became U.S. attorney general.

While LCR did not endorse Trump for president, Angelo confirmed that his organization was “quietly working behind-the-scenes to ensure the advances in LGBT freedom we have made thus far remain secure and continue in a Trump administration.”

Watch the group’s anti-Moore campaign video below.

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