"Logo Drama Club" – Episode 14: Christopher Sieber and Susan Blackwell Dish On 'The Kid'


Do you ever have one of those really great talks, sitting on a couch with a few friends, chatting about life, the world, and American Idol? This week’s episode of Logo Drama Club is kind of like that. Except instead of those boring old topics, we’re talking about the new Off-Broadway musical, The Kid, and instead of my “friends” it’s my “future lovers” Christopher Sieber and Susan Blackwell.

Christopher and Susan are both in this new musical based on Dan Savage’s novel of the same name. “The Kid” centers around the story of Dan, and his partner, Terry, as they attempt to adopt a baby. Unfortunately, the theater would not let me touch this baby. They did, however, let me touch both of these wonderful actors and invite them to join the Drama Club! (Please note the pin-wearing throughout the interviews)

For more info and tickets to The Kid go to: http://thekidthemusical.com

Let’s Make a Baby!!! (Photo by Serge Nivelle)