Logo's NewNowNext Awards: Van Der Beek, Gaga, Glambert, Robyn & Some Gay Angry Birds

Eat your heart out, Pacey.

Last night Logo celebrated its big, fun, fancy, silly NewNowNext Awards at The Avalon in Hollywood (watch this Monday on Logo at 10pm ET), and in addition to serving up some sassy awards to some pretty fabulous folks, the event was a great big party. James Van Der Beek hosted (and yes, there were some great self-referential Dawson’s Creek jokey moments and a quip about “Are these the 2001 NewNowNext Awards?”) and he was pretty freakin’ great at it. Sorry, Franco… There’s a new (now/next) go-to awards show host in town, and he’s bring a wide range of emotions to the table.

The show featured blistering kickass musical performances by Robyn (she debuted a new song “Call Your Girlfriend!”), Wynter Gordon, Oh Land and Panic! at the Disco, and some hot onstage moments by the stunning Joe Manganiello from True Blood, Adam Lambert, Paula Abdul, Perez Hilton, and tons more… Lady Gaga accepted her “Always New, Forever Now” award remotely, as did Glee hottie Darren Criss (who won “Brink of Fame Actor”) but my favorite revelation of the night…


Yes… These guys are crafty, gay and in love!!! Even when they’re slamming into each other for photo ops! Awwwwwww…

Yes, two cute gay boyfriends showed up to represent the game Angry Birds (who were nominated for “Best New Indulgence”). They were sporting fantastic homemade Angry Bird outfits (they made them for fun last Halloween, word spread and now it’s a gig!) and they walked the red carpet vamping it up, goofing off, and making out when asked.

Watch the whole big NewNowNext Awards show this coming Monday at 10pm ET on Logo to see all of the madness. And while you watch, join us at LogoTV.com to see the show streaming and to chat about it live in the LogoTalk Live Blog Party at LogoTV.com. For now, I’ve got a ton of photos here for you go crazy with!

Tabatha Coffey and Drag Race starlet Morgan McMichaels… Honey, it’s been taken ovaaaahhh!


The show opened with a big crew of the queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race serving up some classic numbers by New Kids on the Block & the Backstreet Boys, in honor of the big NKOTBSB tour coming this summer. Really! This happened… Girl, it was “the right stuff,” indeed.

And yes, then this happened. Gaga would be proud! Trust, you really have to watch on Monday at 10pm ET and get the full effect.

Paula Abdul and Adam Lambert have a moment. Idol reunion time!!!!

Yes, they’re gay. And angry. Why? “Because we can’t get married!!!” quipped the fab feathered ones.

The adorable Beekman Boys, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, were up for “Most Addictive Reality Star.” Cute couple overload!

Speaking of cuteness… Scandinavian pop sirens Robyn and Oh Land meet on the red carpet.

Okay, which one of you queens slipped Carrie Fisher the rufie?

True Blood’s Joe Manganiello is the hottest thing walking. Even when he’s just walking… Watch the awards on Monday just for him; he’ll be onstage talking about his underwear and man-scaping. Rowwwwwrrrrrrr!

Two Carmens are better than one.

It’s all about Aubrey O’Day.

Busy Philipps kicks it with the Angry Birds during the show.

Real Housewives Lisa Vanderpump (BH!) and Gretchen Rossi (OC!) present an award, but get into Giggy! That bitch knows exactly where the camera is at all times.

“A-List New York” star Austin Armacost arrives. And he’s lookin’ darn good! Season 2 is coming, kids.

NKOTBSB!!!!!!!!!! Yes, AJ, Joey and superlovely Jonathan Knight were up in the party. I’m totally wearing Joey’s blazer to a Kentucky Derby party in a month.

Perez Hilton explains to Pete Wentz how sometimes you just really need to wear a navy mesh mask to a party.

Watch for Helen Hong on Logo’s new show “Set-Up Squad” coming on April 25th. And yes, she and Ongina did have words about Helen’s little hat.

Kim Coles and Aubrey O’Day had a little moment of their own onstage. Coles’ former “Living Single” costar Queen Latifah declined any comment.

I’m dying a little because True Blood’s Pam (aka Kristin Bauer) was in the house, and I didn’t get to meet her. And she is one the fiercest bitches alive. (And undead!)

Lisa Lampanelli is not playin’ witchu!!!

Speaking of Angry Birds… Mariah Paris Balenciaga is serving it to you. With feathers.

Panic! at the Disco performs… And when did Brendan Urie get so damned cute?

Robyn closed the show with 2 completely kickass numbers. Go see her. Go see her. GO. SEE. HER.

Again… GO SEE HER.

Wynter Gordon also performed. With hot backup dancers, which is always a good thing.

This one’s for all you armpit fans… What? I know you’re out there!!!

Sara Rue, Ross Mathews & Manila Luzon together at last… Clearly this was the best party EVER.

And another one of both of these stunners… Love, love and LOVE.

Preposterously adorable Torrey DeVitto and Keegan Allen from “Pretty Little Liars.” God, everyone in L.A. is freakin’ ridiculously attractive… Hmph.

Drag Racer Yara Sofia… ’Nuff said.

This was taken about 1 second before Oh Land brained me with that big chunky NewNowNext Award/paperweight.

And… Scene!

These NewNowNext Awards photos are merely the tip of the big glam iceberg that is the 2011 NewNowNext Awards show, airing this coming Monday night, April 11th on Logo at 10pm ET. Watch it, set your DVR, get into it. (P.S. RuPaul’s Drag Race will be airing early on Monday, at 9pm ET / PT. Plan accordingly.)

And like I said, head to LogoTV.com as you watch and chat along with fans and show talent!!!! Cheers!!!