Loki May Be Getting His Own TV Show Sooner Than You Think

You haven't seen the last of the Norse god of mischief.

Some of Marvel’s most popular heroes are getting their own TV shows—and among them is the popular Asgardian trickster, Loki.

As Variety reports, the popular anti-hero will be starring in a miniseries set to air on the upcoming Disney Streaming Service. A few select characters that are popular within the Marvel Cinematic Universeare expected to get their own shows, though it hasn’t been confirmed who is on the roster quite yet. The limited series is expected to focus on heroes that have yet to have their own standalone films, with Loki and Scarlet Witch at the top of the list for many. However, the shows are still in early production.

Kevin Feige is also expected to have a hands-on role with the new project, and each series will have around six to eight episodes. If Loki and Scarlet Witch are among those getting their own show, the actors that play them within the MCU films—Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen—will carry over their roles for the small screen.

In 2013 Loki was confirmed to bisexual and gender-fluid by the Al Ewing, writer of the comic series, Loki: Agent of Asgard. Though his bisexuality has yet to show up onscreen.

If this goes through, this could be good news for characters that may not return in Avengers 4. In Infinity War, fans saw what appeared to be Loki’s death scene and Scarlet Witch, who were among those who disappeared after the Thanos finger snap. For fans looking for seeing their favorite heroes on screen again (including Winter Soldier and Okoye of Black Panther), this is the perfect opportunity.

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