London Airport Flies Pride Flag Made of Passengers’ Colorful Kisses

Heathrow needed more than 6,000 rainbow-colored puckers for the project.

Heathrow Airport is celebrating London Pride with a rainbow flag created with kisses. 

Commissioned by the airport, the flag was made with the help of more than 6,000 international passengers and now flies above Terminal 2 until the end of the month, Attitude reports.

Heathrow encouraged passengers to pucker up for the colorful art project, which took three days to complete, using red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple lipstick. The final kisses were provided by airport staffers.

“We’ve been getting into the spirit of Pride right across the airport to show our support for London and the rest of the UK, where diversity and equality are so strongly celebrated and equally valued across our employees and passengers alike,” says Carol Hui, Heathrow’s Chief of Staff.

“Many of the LGBT+ community travel into London, to celebrate this incredible festival so we wanted to give them a warm welcome by, quite literally, flying the flag for Pride.” 

Heathrow, which also gave its logo a temporary rainbow-colored makeover, anticipates welcoming 5% more passengers than last year for today’s London Pride festivities


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