“Glee” Heads Toward Finale With Burgeoning Gay Romance Between Jock And Art Student


First, there was Kurt and Blaine. Then there was Santana and Brittany. And now, there’s Spencer and Alistair, Glee’s newest lovey-dovey gay songbirds.

But unlike McKinley High’s other LGBT students, “Spenstair” were openly gay from the get-go—the wrinkle in their growing relationship has been that it’s a jock and an art nerd falling in love, rather than the usual angst about being gay.


“I think it’s rad that there’s this openly gay high school football player and openly gay art student and they’re falling in love with each other,” Finneas O’Connell, who plays Alistair, told Zap2it. “They’re falling in love with each other as characters, instead of as gay characters.”

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But the two couldn’t be more different, says O’Connell: “Alistair wears a lot of vests, beanies and wrist jewelry,” he said. “He plays the ukulele. Spencer is the picture of high-school masculinity. They are not mirror images at all and they are very, very different human beings.”

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Glee ends on Friday, so we’re not sure how far their relationship can go on-screen. But O’Connell thinks that Alistair and Spencer have a bright future.

“I like the idea that neither of them is trying to change each other,” he said. “They’re there for each other and laughing about each other’s intricacies, which is very close to real life in a lot of senses.”

Look below to watch Spencer singing “Friday I’m In Love” to a still-oblivious Alistair a few weeks ago.

h/t:  Attitude