“Looking” For Russell Tovey’s French-Bulldog Sweater? Your Search Is Over

russell tovey looking

The latest episode of HBO’s Looking raised a lot of questions. Like, will Kevin ever leave his boyfriend for sidepiece-in-denial Patrick? Why is Dom looking his gift daddy in the mouth?

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And why didn’t Richie buzz the words “UGHHHHH I SUUUUUCK” into the back of Augustín’s head when he had the chance?

But above all, we asked ourselves: Where did Kevin get that sweater with a French bulldog on it?

It turns out that we weren’t the only ones wondering where that canine knitwear came from. Many Twitter users were coveting the hell out of it—one even going so far as to say it’s the “gayest and yuppiest thing ever.”


Which, accurate.

Tovey tweeted yesterday that the sweater is Gant by Michael Bastian. It normally retailed for about $225. 



I say “retailed” because it’s sold out everywhere. Only a faint memory of haunts Saks and Nordstrom catalogs. 

But, all is not lost.

While the jumper Tovey wore might be out of stock, there’s a crew neck t-shirt version on eBay for £33, or about $50.

Same black-and-white pup. Same heather-gray color. Same perpetually unimpressed bulldog stare. Plus, it’s a full $175 cheaper than the sweater itself, and you’d be able to wear it year round, it being a t-shirt and all.

Since there’s only one left in stock, though, the only question that remains to be answered now is: Who’s going to buy it first?