“Looking” Taught Jonathan Groff’s Straight Friends That Gays Can Have Sex Facing Each Other

In a recent interview, Jonathan Groff stated that, until they watched Looking, many of his straight friends didn’t know that gay men could have sex face-to-face: “I had a lot of liberal artist friends that told me they didn’t know gay people could have sex facing each other until they saw our show.” Wow, if that’s the only takeaway, I’ve definitely been watching that show wrong.

Groff continued, saying, “I think: ‘Wow! It’s interesting you didn’t know that gay men can look at each other in the eyes when they have sex.’ It’s an emotional thing that they didn’t believe to exist.”

To be fair, they could be invoking the Kantian philosophy that it is impossible to prove that something is conclusively true without even a reasonable doubt. Or maybe they’re just unadventurous in bed and never considered other angles. Somebody should tell them where the G spot is. That would really shake them up.

Brennan Klein grew up in Anaheim, California. Living so close to Disneyland, he found comfort in the arms of horror movies, synthpop, camp TV and offbeat musicals.