Lord Huron: Pretty Music for Committing Crimes

Lord Huron gets the noose

I just this morning heard about the band Lord Huron, and I don’t want to deprive you of the chance to rock with them.

Like Wikipedia, I guess we could call them an “indie-folk group from Los Angeles,” but somehow, that description makes them sound a little… dreamy? Lightweight? And even though the band’s music is pretty and reserved, it doesn’t seem designed for the dentist’s office.

Check out “Time to Run,” and you’ll see what I mean. The song has a kicky rhythm (thanks to some excellent percussion) and a low-key vibe that’s pleasant without being aggressive, but the harmonies beneath the lead vocals have this haunting quality, this undertow, that adds darkness to the catchy pop sound.

And that makes sense, because if pay attention to the lyrics, you realize this song is about a guy who has committed a crime in order to prove he loves his woman. “It’s time to run, well I hope you understand what I’ve done,” the guy says. “Run away for you, I’m gonna count the days ’til you make it through. I did it all for you; well I hope you live the life you want to. My time is spent, baby please don’t tell ’em just where I went.” 

Whoa! What did this guy do? We never find out, but I’d really like to know! The video plays up the Wild West spirit of a criminal on the run, so that just adds to the intrigue:

But “Time to Run” isn’t the band’s only good song. Check out this gorgeous live performance of “She Lit a Fire,” which is also from their debut album Lonesome Dreams. It has a similar rhythmic melancholy, but it’s about heartbreak instead of escaping a crime of passion.

I’m guessing Lord Huron is going to become part of my regular rotation as I walk home from work. This is just the kind of music that helps me shake off a day at the office.

Mark Blankenship has never committed a crime for love, but he has done a few other stupid things. He tweets as @IAmBlankenship.